25 Gorgeous Glitter Hairstyles Perfect for Parties

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You’re going to absolutely fall in love with glitter hair! You’ll have to prepare to have a mess on your hands (and probably the floor) after applying the glitter, but the outcome will be totally worth it, especially if you know how to mix colors! The holidays are a time when sparkle is everything, from your clothes to your makeup, and this glitter hair trend is just one more thing to add sparkle to – with truly magical results.

Earlier this week, Nikki Lee of the Nine Zero One Salon created a demo presentation for Beauty Coach TV, where she showed viewers how to create a beautiful glitter hair fishtail braid; according to Refinery29, this is how the stunning hair trend picked up the tempo so rapidly in the last week. That being said, this is one hairstyle that has been picking up momentum for quite some time; it has accumulated quite a substantial presence on Instagram.

The world-famous Daniel Moon, colorist at the Ramirez Tran Salon, can take credit for a great innovation for this trend – Major Moonshine Glitter Gel. It’s a product specially designed for easy glitter hair looks; if you try to use your everyday glitter, it’s pretty likely that you’ll end up a hot mess!

Hair glitter is a trend that you don’t want to miss out on this season, so here is a list of 25 striking glitter hairstyles that are sure to liven your spirits and get you excited for any type of party, including the holiday season!

1. Fishtail Braid Glitter Hair

This is a truly magical use of hair glitter, thanks to the stunning contrast between the dark brown hair and the rainbow of gorgeous glitter colors. Everyone loves a fishtail braid, and it’s a stunning look behind a beautiful holiday party dress, so why not amp up the fun with glitter? It’ll add a great surprise from the back, and is a great twist on a classic hairstyle.

2. Side Cornrow Glitter Hair

Nina Dobrev is shown here absolutely rocking her glitter hair look. Tight side braids such as these are super-hot right now; they’re super edgy and rocker-chic, and adding in silver hair glitter to the tops of the braids is the epitome of trendsetting. It’s not overpowering in color or quantity, so it’s just an overall cool hairstyle that adds some great shimmer and shine to your look.

3. High Bun Glitter Hair

This hairstyle is super sweet with the hair glitter; the bronze glitter flecks blend just enough with brunette hair, so the shimmer is stunning without adding in bold colors. The bun is just a smart hairstyle all around, since it’s easy to wear for any occasion, and it makes for an interesting glitter hair look since the glitter is only added to the base of the head, not the locks themselves. It’ll help keep things from getting too messy as well!

4. Slicked Back Glitter Hair

This is an interesting glitter hairstyle, because slicked back with this amount of glitter, the hair looks wet. More specifically, it almost looks like shampoo still in her hair, given the lighting and photo! Regardless, the effect is almost otherworldly, and it really is a lovely holiday hairstyle with an unspoken elegance to it that will be striking anywhere. The rest of the hair being an understated style makes the glitter really pop.

Glitter Hairstyles Ideas: Glitter Slicked-Back Hair


5. Essential Braid Glitter Hair

You can’t go wrong with a basic braid, especially when it has a healthy dose of shining pink glitter on top! The shine tapers off as the hair goes into the braid, so you don’t have to worry about tucking in the strands or painting over it to achieve this bold glitter hair look. It’s a fun side to your standard braid, making it perfect for an everyday look; you don’t always need a special occasion to doll up your hair!

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Written by Courtney Dobrzykowski
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