A Fashioniser’s Guide to Fall Style- 2020 Edition


To the joy of all my sweater-loving people out there, fall is fast approaching! With the cooler weather comes some of the best fashion accents of the year. Fall is always my favorite time of the year, as we can find the cutest sweater dresses, the best light jackets, the perfect accessories, and the most stylish boots and strut them off all at the same time. 2020 fashion is going to be a little bit different for us, as 2020 has been a challenging year across the globe. Many are still stuck at home. So, let’s discuss how this will affect our fashion choices in fall of 2020!

Fall 2020 Fashion

Fall is the best time of year because you can really embrace transitional outfits. A sweater dress with leggings is ideal for this specific fall season, as it transitions so well from within our houses to out into the real world. Since we are spending more time at home due to quarantine closures, we want our outfits to be super comfy and appropriate to snuggle up in at home. That means picking a sweater dress that is slightly baggy yet still hugs in the right places is the perfect choice. It’s warm enough for wearing outside yet cool enough to wear inside. And it’s comfortable enough to wear while being fashionable enough to wear outside. Transitional fashion is absolutely key in 2020! So, when picking your outfits, really think about if it will work wearing both inside your home AND outside as you embrace the world (for short bursts of time).


Fall 2020 Accessories

Accessorizing is going to make or break your fall style. Since you’re looking at transitional clothing, you’re in luck! Transitional clothing is great because you can style it in so many ways. You can wear cozy socks with your look while inside getting warm and working. But when you step out to embrace the world, you can style your outfit and make it look like a completely new one! A great belt can accent a sweater dress so nicely. Hoop earrings and/or a winter beret or beanie is another great choice that can go with a sweater dress- depending on the look you’re going for. Think about wearing a nice pair of boots with the look that match your leggings, and you have a killer fall outfit to step outside in.


Fall 2020 Hair & Makeup

The best part about fall is that it is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Especially since we’ve been stuck in all year, emerging as a “new you” with your dream hair and makeup has never been easier. Get inspired, find the perfect haircut for your face and the dreamiest color you’ve been wanting to play with, and get creative. Fall is always the start of school, the start of our social cycle, so why not start this off with the you you’ve always dreamed of being? Perhaps pick a nice copper hair color, which is all the rage in fall. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming to jump into the winter weather early with silver hair? They sky’s the limit. Bold and showstopping hair colors are in, so don’t let your fear of change stop you.

smoky gold hair is the biggest comeback trend for fall
Photo By @daymakerschair/Instagram

Fall is the perfect time to experiment and play with your fashion. Since we’re mostly inside right now, that gives you even more of an excuse! Think about purchasing 2-3 really good sweater dresses and play with styling them all with items you already have. You may be surprised by what you come up with.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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