25 Gorgeous Glitter Hairstyles Perfect for Parties

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11. Dual Bun Pastel Glitter Roots

Each half of this beautiful glitter hairstyle is a pastel hue ” one is a lovely mint blue-green and the other is a sweet purple. Two-knot buns characterize the top, and the center is made special with large blue sequins lining the part and its black roots.

Depending on what you wear this with or what makeup you choose to wear, this is a glitter hairstyle that could go edgy or feminine, so you can mix it with your personal style, or switch up the colors for further personalization.

Glitter Hairstyles Ideas: Dual Bun Glitter Pastel Hair


12. Valentine’s Day Glitter Hair

This isn’t just some last-minute trend and meant only for the holiday season, but also for Valentine’s Day. Pink hair with star particles and touch of glitter is a great yet rather common glitter hairstyle in this list. It makes for an interesting contrast of textures and sizes, so you can wear a super simple and sweet outfit while still sporting pink and stars to celebrate the holiday.

13. Brilliant Pink Glitter Hair

The pink hair glitter here is totally enamoring. Seeing it gleam against the rays of the sun shows just how stunning glitter hair can be. This is an especially good glitter for blonde or light colored hair, since the bright contrast is the striking element here.

Even though the color is super bright and vibrant, this is actually one of the subtler glitter hairstyles ” the hairstyle itself is basic and let down, so all you’re doing is following a standard beauty routine and adding in sparkles!

14. Silver Star Glitter Hair

You’ll be the star of the evening if you try out a glitter hair look like this. Silver hair can be super elegant (as shown here), and this hairstyle itself is trendy and cute, with two top knot buns on either side of the center part. The roots here are lined with silver hair glitter and stars, adding more texture and interest to the hairstyle without adding in shocking colors. Matching the glitter to your hair color can be a really smart choice, since it will amplify your look without being too in-your-face.

Glitter Hairstyles Ideas: Silver Glitter Hair


15. Gold Foil Glitter Hair

You don’t need to mess around with messy glitter to have a beautiful glitter hair look. This is the perfect example, with gold foil flakes sitting to one side of an elegant, side-swept hairstyle. Hair foiling goes hand in hand with glitter hair; both add texture and beautiful color to your hair and reflect wonderfully against the sun. In this case, the large flakes are the perfect choice because they don’t interfere too much with the classically stunning hairstyle, yet still add in the glitter hair trend as well.

Glitter Hairstyles Ideas: Gold Foil Glitter Hair


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