The Safari Fashion – What To Wear on a Safari in Africa


So, you have booked your flight, informed your friends and family members about it, reorganized your schedule, updated on Facebook and Instagram, and now you are all excited about your safari trip to Africa. But have you thought of what to wear during your trip?

Africa is extremely liberal when it comes to what tourists can wear, especially near or when in the tourist attractions. For example, even when in Diani beach in Kenya, an area that is predominantly Muslim, it is 100% okay to walk around in a bikini. However, away from the beach, for example in the nearby Mombasa Town, walking around topless would be considered inappropriate. Also, shorts are discouraged in most parts of Africa.

The best approach is to work with your African tour operator to help you figure out exactly what you should pack for your safari trip. Overall, several factors will influence you dressing when in Africa:

  1. The need to keep warm in the morning and evening.
  2. The need to protect yourself from the shrubs in parks and the hot sun.
  3. Clothes that make it easy to walk around the parks, beaches, nature trails, and different attractions.
  4. And lastly, the need to take jaw-dropping photos for your African Safari Album, Instagram, and Facebook

So, now that you have an idea of what to consider when selecting your attire, let’s share some tips on what you should pack for your African Safari.


Your head will appear in all your photos and will, therefore, determine the tone of your fashion sense. Luckily, there are numerous options to dress the head for male and female tourists.

You can pick the headgear in the USA or buy from the numerous tourist markets in Africa. The tourist markets offer a chance to pick a souvenir and assimilate into the local culture.

Choose the bolero or toquilla straw hat for men or women. They are also referred to as Panama hats because they fit the tourist lifestyle. The hats give you a tourist feeling and will also shield your eyes from the scorching overhead sun. The hats are available in any country, especially made from local materials.

Different African communities and countries have headgears as part of their culture. If you are touring the Islamic North Africa, you can choose the Arafat, turban, or kufi hat. The headgear helps you to assimilate and have the perfect photo moments with the communities you meet in Africa.

If you want to remain neutral but still cover your head, a simple cap will help you keep away the glare of the sun. Add some sunglasses to protect the eyes from sand, pebbles, and bright expansive savanna, white sandy beaches, or the endless desert.

Best Tops for Tourists in Africa

Call it a shirt or a blouse but it will define your experience during a tour in Africa. Again, it will appear in every photo you take. Beyond the photos, buy a top that makes you comfortable given the weather and activities in your safari itinerary such as nature walks, game drives, dinners and more. 

Tourist fashion experts recommend dressing in layers. Choose a shirt or blouse that is easy to remove and remain with a single piece of cloth like a vest when it gets hot. If you are taking a hike or strolling along the beach, heavy dressing becomes a bother. Choose a short-sleeved shirt or blouse if you are going to the beach or African savannah. If the terrain is a forest with vegetation, a long sleeve shirt or blouse will protect your hands from the shrubs and insects.

Whether it is short or long-sleeved, ensure that it is light on your body and can absorb sweat. Buttons at the front or zip will make it easier to open when it gets hot. The design must make it easy to throw a sweater or jacket on top when it gets cold.

Short, Trouser, Dress, or Skirt?

Men and women have the option of trousers or shorts. Women have a wider variety to choose from including skirts, dresses, and other tourist-specific designs for women. The bottom is one of the major fashion decisions to make.

If you are going to the beach or grassland savannah, shorts are a perfect choice. They are lighter and allow your feet to enjoy the sun. Your legs will also enjoy the feel of the breeze from the ocean or open grassland. Shorts are allowed for women and men on an African safari.

Tourist trousers are also designed for both men and women. Pick a light trouser that allows you to walk freely along the beach or when hiking along a nature trail. Trousers protect your legs from scratches in the bush or insect bites. You may also opt for a pair of trousers that can be converted into a short using strings or a zip.

Dresses and skirts are options for ladies who want to feel free while touring Africa. A sundress gets you into the holiday mood and will be perfect for your photo moments. Keep the dress light and free so that it does not become a weighty bother while you walk around.

The general rules for trousers, shorts, skirts, and dresses for tourists visiting Africa is to choose a light material. Choose a bottom with pockets to keep your phone, wallet, and money for convenient use. The length will depend on personal preference as well as the culture of the country you are visiting.


An African safari holiday will involve a lot of walking to see the animals or enjoy the beaches. Choose a comfortable shoe based on your activities for the day. Light and enclosed casual shoes are the best when traveling in bushy grasslands. If you will be taking to the beach or relaxing after a tiring tour during the day, you will need light sandals.

Africa is a colorful continent. Let this color be seen in your fashion choices. Tourist markets across Africa offer endless fashion options inspired by the cultures of the host nation. Fashion diversity in Africa will give you the best fashion souvenirs from your tour of Africa and the most colorful pictures of your memories from Africa.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.