Coolsculpting: How to Take Advantage of the Cold


The cold is just not for everyone. Some of us prefer the cool breeze with a little bit of chill, but many people simply can’t handle lower temperatures.

You’re probably this person or at the very least, live with someone who is. There’s just no comfort in the cold. But there is comfort in knowing that we can use the cold to our advantage and manipulate our bodies in such a way, that we can even change our appearance.

This is in reference to Coolsculpting NYC residents’ favorite and easy way to tone the body and sculpt out curves, without having to go through months of dieting and training or go through injections and painful surgeries with long recovery times. Coolsculpting is the one treatment you’ll need to get into shape and it comes with absolutely no hassle on the part of the client. 

Which is why it’s important to know how Coolsculpting works, what it accomplishes, and how it’s possible to find this treatment in NYC, where one would think you can find absolutely anything.

How does it work?

Well, it’s not magic; that’s for sure. It’s just a bit of biology.

First and foremost, there is good fat and there is bad fat. Contrary to what many people wrongly believe, body fat is a vital part of your body. That’s where you store your energy. Without it, you’d be in a whole lot of trouble. 

But the unfortunate thing about fat is that it can build up in some very unfortunate places. It’s not so much the fat itself that bothers people, but rather how and where it tends to clump up. For example: having a little extra fat on the tummy won’t hurt or bother you and it’s also a part of the body that’s easy to train because it gets to experience constant motion. On the other hand, if you have fat on the inner thigh or the hips, areas that you may not move around too much, the fat build-up will be much harder to burn through.

This is where Coolsculpting is brought into play, as it is able to tone pretty much any part of your body; from buttocks, hips, and thighs, to tummy, arms, and even the back. It does this by administering a constant stream of cool air, which is pressurized against the part of your body that you’re toning. 

The Science Behind It All

Now, it turns out that fat cells have a very interesting weakness. While you’re able to destroy them with a special injection or by simply cutting them out, there are ways you can also manipulate fat cells into destroying themselves, without the need to insert any compound or cut open the skin.

Damage caused to fat cells by external sources, like burning them away or cutting them out, is called necrosis. But when the fat cells destroy themselves, this is called apoptosis. When exposed to cold temperatures for long enough, fat cells shrivel up and go into this special dormant state, where they are then absorbed by the body, leaving that area empty. No fat cells come to replace them, they don’t grow back; your own body simply gets rid of them never to return.

Now, when I say never to return, this is a very subject phrase. Sure, the body consumes the destroyed fat cells and they don’t return, right? Yes, but if you continue to partake in the habits that caused the fat build-up in the first place, like eating junk food or not moving around, new layers of fat will be created again. So to avoid the return of fat in these areas, you’ll have to be committed to changing your way of life.

The Procedure and All That Comes After

While it may seem like with how natural the treatment is and how there are no risks of allergic reactions, as well as no injections, cuts, or bruises, you’d think the procedure itself would take hours upon hours. But you’d be very wrong, because it only takes around 40 to 50 minutes, the same amount of time as an episode of your favorite series. 

And best of all, there are a lot of clinics in NYC alone that offer the treatment, one of which is Skinly Aesthetics and their Coolsculpting NYC treatment plan. You can ask the cosmetic clinic regulars of NYC about the place with the most reasonable prices for some of the most professional work, and they’ll take you to the heart of Manhattan where Skinly Aesthetics is located or will simply tell you to visit their website.

And after your procedure is finished, the friendly staff will brief you on everything else you’ll need to know to go into your recovery time. Now, keep in mind, that you’re not restricted from going home after that one hour you spend at the clinic. You’re home free, with the only doctor’s orders being to avoid getting any other kinds of cosmetic treatments on the Coolsculpt-ed area to give the skin an ample amount of time to recover. However, with all the advantages of Coolsculpting, like the natural process, no recovery time, no scars, or injections, there is a catch that will determine how effective the treatment was.

Since the process of fat cells being absorbed back into the body is completely natural, it will take some time before the treated area is completely toned. In fact, it may take up to a year of waiting until you see the absolute final results of the treatment. 

To some, this is a deal-breaker, as they may not have the patience for it, but many people out there are determined enough not only to wait 6 months for the amazing results but also to avoid the habits which caused the fat build-up in the first place. In the end, Coolsculpting rewards those who are patient and determined enough to shape their body into the version of themselves that they always want to see in the mirror.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.