5 Students’ Clothes Models for Entertainment 2020


There’s no time like the present time to be a student. The worn-out expression that students are our future still applies, seeing how they are at the point in their lives when everything is still possible and the decisions they currently take are quite possibly the ones which are going to create the guidelines for their entire existence.

Going out and having fun is the patented way that each student has for dealing with this pressure of growing-up. Deciding how to dress for each occasion is an entire adventure in itself, but we’re here to provide a quick overview on several models of attire, just to filter out some of the inappropriate outfits you might have thought suitable for certain times, only to regret later.

Casual wear

                Most things in a student’s life should be seen as casual, as the hardships are still to come, without actually diminishing the importance of all that students go through. However, feeling comfortable in one’s clothing should be a main concern, especially when there are so many occasions that don’t actually require the extra effort. So, in the case of simple friendly get-togethers, barbecues, spontaneous dorm parties, informal birthday parties or when traveling, a casual style is best suited.

                It should consist in anything which makes you feel comfortable, while keeping in mind that they need to be clothes you can wear outside, no PJs accepted, as well as stained or obviously worn-out clothes. The classic look of jeans and T-shirt can’t go wrong. Perhaps even khakis, shorts, or a day dress, if you want to mix it up. Try to avoid anything which might make you look sloppy. It’s also best to keep away from political, religious or any conflict-generating messages written on your T-shirts. We’re all at a party to enjoy ourselves.

Dressy casual

                There are several occasions when, even if accompanied by your dearest friends, you still want to feel a bit more special. And it’s perfectly natural to get a little more dolled up on a friends’ night out type of occasion. In the same category falls the drama of choosing what to wear to a first date, when trying to strike the perfect balance between dressing up and keeping it cool.

                In this category, there is room for imagination, as for instance going out tops are designed, as their name explains, especially for these situations. Seeing how they come in various shapes, colors and models, you are sure to find something that’s appropriate to your own style. Combine it with a dark denim and the outfit is done. For a tidy but more standard look, we have the standard blouse or button-down shirt, along with a shirt dress and perhaps even a blazer. One of our favorite is represented by the one piece jumpsuit, falling in the above-average elegant side of dressy casual.


If on the previously mentioned occasions there weren’t that many restrictions and creating a successful outfit allows far more freedom, dressing up according to the semi-formal dress code is where the true challenge lies. Knowing how to dress in situations where having fun meets being elegant, has been the subject of several entertainment essays such as these: https://studymoose.com/entertainment, as wearing suitable clothes represents an important part of feeling glamorous and authentic. The events where this sort of attire is required can refer to relaxed cocktail events, or more important ones in the students’ social lives, such as proms.

Most often, we find a dress made out of silk, lace or taffeta, more to our liking than going to the extreme of putting on a ball gown. Suits can be on chosen to be on the relaxed side, with light colors, beige and light gray being the standard approach. We already told you that 2020 brings jumpsuits into our column of favorites and we firmly believe it to be suited for this occasion, as well. Also, if daring to try something else, a silk or sequin top with velvet pants, or a skirt could be ideal to make a statement. Under no circumstance, you shouldn’t go for anything too short and revealing, or jeans of any sort.


Probably the most important one out of the entertainment topics, weddings are top of the list. The main restriction is not to wear a bridal gown, unless you are the bride. Otherwise, feel free to go as elegant as you’d like. Recommendations are column or A-line dress, tea or floor length, or a chic and formal suit. Jewelry and magnificent shoes complete a perfect look.


One special occasion during which students would definitely like to be free of stress, is the graduation. Not focusing on how they wear the chosen outfit, allows them to concentrate on the actual fun and joy felt during the ceremony. Don’t overanalyze it, be comfortable, but don’t overdress. Use colorful knee-length dress, short sleeves for summer graduations, perhaps adding a sweater for air-conditioned hall, or for rainy occasions.


All of the mentioned entertainment examples are meant to bring joy and a break out of the stressful day to day routine. Using our short advice ensures that you don’t pile up the additional stress of going through the trouble of finding the right clothes for a perfect you, on all occasions.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.