How Mattresses Are Becoming Part of the Bedroom Interior Design


If you’re looking for something worthwhile to spend your money on, perhaps you should consider buying a quality mattress. After all, most people spend the majority of their lifetime sleeping, so you might as well spend more on a mattress that will make catching your forty winks worth it.

Plus, a luxurious sleep is the reason why most of us book weekends away from home. We know that most hotel rooms offer the best beds that money can buy. But, aside from the ultimately comfortable bed, have you ever noticed how thoughtfully designed hotel rooms are?

A lot of the time this comes down to the style of mattress that’s chosen. When designing a room, interior decorators take heed of the type of mattress they choose to set the tone for the entire room’s design.

 Interior designer or not, you too can add sophistication and elegance to your bedroom or guest bedroom by simply rethinking your mattress choice.

Different Types Of Beds To Choose From

So what can a mattress change do to enhance the style of your bedroom? “It could mean having an entirely new bedroom depending on your choice of bed, which in most cases precedes the mattress choosing process,” says Kieron from Mattress Portal.

Here are some of the hottest bed style trends available right now:   

  • The Storage Bed Trend

Space in most of our homes is a problem. That’s why the storage bed is a great buy. Aside from adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room and saving you space, it’s also a more contemporary design.

  • A Sleigh Bed

This novel bed design is characterized by a wooden sleigh, which means total disregard for the older base and mattress idea. The wooden sleigh type of bed comes in different patinas to complement each and every room style. The reason sleigh beds have been labelled “unique” is because the bed requires buyers to purchase the mattress separately.

Why Mattress Style Matters

For both bed types, yet again the choice of mattress becomes a focal point in your decision-making process. Since the sleigh bed idea was developed to offer added support from the middle of the bed, it’s fitting to choose a mattress that enhances this effect.

You’d think that a memory foam mattress would be the ideal type to enhance the look and feel of comfort as opposed to a spring or latex mattress. But, this only addresses function and not design or style.

Luckily, there’s an array of mattress types and designs to choose from that can drastically change the aesthetic feel of your bedroom. Here are a few considerations to make and a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

1)    Soft Mattresses: A room with a softer mattress promotes the idea of luxury living. This type of mattress would often be found in boutique hotels and is ideal when trying to create an ambience of a more gently styled bedroom. A soft mattress should be selected for a room which has fresh coats of grey, light yellow, pale blue, soft pink or crusty cream paint.

2)    Mattress Detailing: The mattress speaks volumes about the thought that went into planning a room. Certain mattresses have intricate decorations made with fine cotton threads that can add to the design of the room as a whole. Choose mattress detailing that compliments and blends with the overall room aesthetic and not a quality mattress design that just looks good but doesn’t correlate in any way to the design of other elements contained in the room.

3)    The Modernized Cooling Memory Foam Mattress: If ever there was a bed created that took the sleeper’s temperature into account it would be this one. This type of mattress has become a popular choice in hotel rooms in warmer countries. It mattress offers optimal comfort levels and makes for a cooler sleep. Ideally, this type of mattress would work well in darker painted rooms that retain maximum heat.

4)    The Comfort Pain-Relieving Mattress: When selecting mattresses designed to enhance comfort and support, it’s best to place them in a room that has put comfort first in its overall design. A less cluttered room with a burnt orange lengthy duvet reaching to a fury carpeted floor is the room which requires a mattress of this sort.

The reason newer developed mattresses are making their mark is simply because newer bed styles mean a cleaner and more youthful-looking room.  Say goodbye to archaic night frills and hello to a more spacious and comfortably styled bedroom.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.