Plus Size Spring Outfits – How to Choose And What Trends to Take into Account


Finally, the global trend for thinness, bordering on a swoon, ended, and designers began to take into account the interests of women of different complexions. And the oversized trend is direct proof of this fact. However, in this article, we will not talk about oversize, but about the plus-size style and fashion trends that will dominate this spring.

Let’s Collect the Basic Image

So, before we begin to analyze trends and select the most suitable images, let’s look at what has already been done. For example, here are some ideas on how to combine plus size black jacket with other wardrobe items. Plus, it is also possible to immediately buy any image you like or its element directly on the site, and then we will tell you a few more trending ideas.

Layering and Its Benefits

For a long time, layering was considered suitable only for thin people. However, this is unfair. The layering of light and natural fabrics does not create the effect of weighting the image, and this is exactly what we suggest you do this spring.

The simplest example of a successful multi-layered look is classic denim jeans, a basic white t-shirt and a shirt made of cotton material. In this case, the shirt should be light in color so that layering remains in the center of the image – but not a separate shade.

MOM Jeans and The Things You Can Do With Them

MOM Jeans is this spring’s hit. And there are no size restrictions, so you definitely need them. The best thing to know about these jeans is that they blend perfectly with any sweater, T-shirt, blouse or shirt, so this is an indispensable element of the basic wardrobe. There are also no restrictions on shoes – everything that you have is suitable.

Asymmetrical Dresses – Colors and Patterns for Plus Size Girls

This spring, designers recommend paying attention to asymmetric plus size dress. The fact is that asymmetry visually makes the figure more elegant – and this is exactly what we need.

As for colors, it is best to choose classic black. By the way, a black dress with a pattern in white polka dots is especially fashionable this spring. You can also choose plain asymmetrical dresses in chiffon or cotton. Classic blue or bright red are also the trend colors of this season.

Classical Pants Suits – The EverGreen Trend

If you look at the covers of glossy magazines, you will see that the designers simply went crazy over trouser suits. This spring any colors are welcomed. But there are some important rules – the length of the trousers should reach the ankle, the suit should be plain, and the jacket should give the impression of a light oversized effect, not more than one size step.

As for shoes, both classic low-heeled shoes and athletic shoes will look equally good.

Pleated Skirts – When Bodypositive Is Your Religion

A pleated skirt is another trend this season, and a plus-size figure is no reason to give up on a fashionable novelty. The most popular combination this spring is a pleated skirt, an oversized sweater, and gym shoes. However, do not choose a skirt that is too bright in color – it will visually expand the hips. This rule also applies to sweaters – it is better to give preference to light and pastel colors.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.