Where to Study Fashion to Become a Top Designer?

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You’ve always been awesome at matching random pieces from your wardrobe and coming up with a unique outfit every time? Your friends call you when they want to go shopping? You start drawing fashion sketches whenever you’re supposed to work on a writing assignment, since you found a better purpose for that piece of paper.  

It seems like you were born to become a fashion designer.

But if you’re really committed to such a career, you should know: potential employers won’t take you seriously unless you have a degree. But you won’t earn a degree just because you want employers to notice you. If you plan to attend a fashion school, do it for the learning. There’s a lot that you need to learn about theory of color, material, styles, and many other details before you can come up with your own designs.

What Are the Best Fashion Design Schools?

You don’t need a degree to give fashion tips for students. Your friends appreciate your sense of style. But these skills aren’t enough for you to become a globally famous designer. It all starts with education. 

Sure; that means investing money, time, and tons of effort into the schooling process. You might need to rely on a writing helper when you find the assignments overwhelming. But it’s all for a good cause: the career of your dreams. 

These are some of the finest fashion design schools you can consider:

  1. Central Saint Martins in London, UK

This is the place where Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney got their education. 

It’s an outstanding program that offers several courses and pathways:

  • Fashion design and marketing
  • Menswear
  • Womenswear
  • Fashion design with knitwear
  • Fashion print
  • Fashion communication and promotion
  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion history and theory, and many more

This is a challenging programme that requires a lot of practice, but studying as well. If you get stuck with any of the theoretical assignments, keep in mind that you can buy an essay here. Nothing should stop you from earning the degree and making steps towards your career as a fashion designer. 

At this school you can get a graduate diploma in your preferred discipline, but you can also opt for an MA degree if you want to get more advanced.

As someone who considers becoming a designer, you’ve surely watched most seasons and episodes of Project Runway. That show did a lot for young designers. It promoted talented designers, but it also gave the viewers hope: anyone can succeed as long as they try hard enough. 

The show’s initial home was Parsons School of Design. Admit it: you used to dream to become part of it. We all did. Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi, Anna Sui, and many other successful designers graduated there.   

The New School of Design is a relatively new program, which was designed to meet the needs of modern-day designers. They are trained in the theory of the production process, material, silhouette, and many other matters that define their success on the market. 

You see; that’s why you need formal education in fashion. You may have the talent, but you also need to learn how to use it. Most of all, you need to learn how you’ll start and maintain a business out of that talent. The assignments may be challenging and you may need to count on an essay writing service from time to time. So what? That degree is worth the effort!

Young designers, who love to experiment with patterns and avantgarde design, dream about getting into this school. 

It’s the most prestigious fashion school in ASia, and it has produced some amazing alumni. You want the names? These are only a few of them: Jun Takahashi, Hisayo Hidaka, Chisato Tsumori, Kenzo Takada, Hiroko Koshino, and Yoshiyuki Miyamae. 

Some of the most prominent Asian designers graduated from the Bunka Fashion College.

Why Is Fashion Design Education Important?

The best fashion design schools in the world are rather expensive. However, they offer you outstanding education and perfect facilities. They have modern sewing rooms with all the materials you need. They have individual dress forms for each student, so you can work undisturbed.

Don’t forget: you’ll be learning from AMAZING professors, who are available during office hours to answer your questions and offer the support that you need. 

Your talent deserves this investment.

Being a self-taught fashion designer is possible. However, don’t forget that you still have to learn a lot of theory and practice. A fashion school will help you become better at a much faster pace.  

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Written by Megan Taylor
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