#Stayhome Care Tips for Perfect Eyelashes


A sudden coronavirus epidemic has spread around the world in a really short period of time at the beginning of this year. It has greatly changed all the plans we had, concerts and public events are disrupted, all the long-awaited vacations are delayed, museums and even beauty salons are closed too, a lot of people have to stay home. But such a situation is not a reason to sink into despair after weeks of work from home and to give up finding some new off-hour entertainment.

Have a Little Time for Self Care

Actually, being on a quarantine means having more time for your own self and it is a great chance to do something you kept putting off for so long. There are plenty of opportunities to have almost a professional beauty care day without even leaving your home. Why not test your new lash shampoo you have recently acquired? What about starting with special care for your lashes because they need care as well as the whole body, especially after getting your new eyelash extensions done right before a lockdown.

It is better to take preventative care measures than trying to find an opportunity to get new extensions during quarantine in your city. There are some special rules to stick with while wearing eyelash extensions:

  • Using low-quality or too many products on your lashes. Proper eyelash care, for both real ones and extensions, always begins with delicate cleansing every time you wear makeup products. A lot of women think that products their masters use while the procedure can’t be used at home but washing your extensions with special lash shampoo is very important to keep them nice and last longer. It doesn’t sting eyes and could be used as a makeup removal as well because of its gentle formula. You should keep in mind that makeup removal and proper cleansing is a must!
  • Lack of vitamins. Being on a quarantine with a lack of money doesn’t mean you have to limit your nutrition. Be sure that you eat enough food with the proper amount of vitamins to stay healthy. Lash extensions are attached to the natural ones, so having not enough vitamins means losing both.
  • Bad habits. Bad habits imply not only smoking and drinking alcohol but also scratching your eyes countless times. Such actions lead to the loss of not only extensions but also of real lashes and can cause under-eye wrinkles as well.    

Following the easy recommendations mentioned above will help you to keep eyelash extensions as new ones for a bit longer time. They need as much care as the whole body. The result can be achieved only with a combination of regular approaches. Use an extra free time during a quarantine spending it profitably for yourself.    

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.