5 Biggest Engagement Ring Trends for 2020


Whether you’re picking out your engagement ring or looking for some inspiration for a surprise proposal, jewelry regularly goes through trends and it’s always worth considering these.

In 2020, when it comes to engagement ring trends, we’re seeing a break from tradition, with brides wanting something distinctive and different on their left ring finger.

Whatever your budget, a proposal is a big investment – in the piece of jewelry and each other. Here, we take a look at some of the biggest ring trends to look out for this year.

Custom made

There’s perhaps nothing more special than a custom-made ring. Whether the proposer wants to take the reins and do it alone or you want to choose the band as a couple, a custom-made ring will allow you to combine everything the receiver loves into one single piece of jewelry. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Prince Harry chose to pop the question with a custom piece.

Colored gems

There has been a rise in recent years in opting for a colored jewel over a classic clear one. With the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Eugenie sporting a colorful gem, follow in their footsteps and make a statement with an emerald or sapphire or for something a little different the beautiful pale pink hues of morganite – this rare semi-precious stone is a wonderful alternative to a diamond.

Rose gold

Rose gold first hit the spotlight in the 1920s and has more recently become a trend in a range of areas: homeware, technology and of course jewelry. This trend isn’t showing any sign of slowing down and while once upon a time those wishing to propose were limited to yellow or white gold, silver or platinum, there is now a great choice for engagement ring materials, including this stunning rose hue.

Halo setting

The halo setting is no stranger to trend lists and has been popular since the Victorian era. It traditionally saw a colored gemstone in the center with a halo of diamonds surrounding it, however, more recent designs have seen all of the stones remain the same color. Celebrities including Heidi Klum, Natalie Portman, and Carrie Underwood are just a few who wear this signature style.


Sustainability has been in focus in recent years and with a range of industries becoming more ethical. The jewelry industry is no stranger to this and has seen a rise in manufacturers which put sustainability at its heart. If you’re on the hunt for a sustainable engagement ring moissanite may be a good option. While it’s not a diamond, it’s not an imposter either and compared with natural gemstones, lab-created moissanite has a much smaller carbon footprint, therefore having less impact on the environment.

Whether you want to stick to a traditional diamond or try something a little more unique, there’s so much to choose from. Think about your significant others’ style, favorite color, and favorite jewel and you’ll be able to find the perfect sparkler to pop the question with.


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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.