All You Need to Know About How to Dress Like a Casino Pro


Like with anywhere else you will visit with a dress code, it is important to know how to dress when visiting a casino. While there aren’t too many hard rules on dress code, you should definitely consider the following tips. They are sure to make you dress like a casino pro.

Why are You Visiting the Casino? 

It’s important to take into account why you are visiting the casino. Are you visiting to gamble? Are you visiting for a family vacation? Are you there for a convention? Each situation will change your style slightly. For instance, if you are attending a wedding at a casino or a work convention, you will dress much differently than you would if you were bringing your children to the casino pool. And honestly, because there are many different events occurring at a casino at all times, you will get a wide spectrum of dress. According to Lucian Marinescu, managing partner at Online Casino Gems, casinos are places where people tend to dress however they feel. He comments: “I love casinos. They’re like carnivals. You never know what weird and interesting character you may come across. Funny hats, overly revealing attires, costumes you may be embarrassed about wearing even at a Halloween – you have it all. But you also have class. Once in awhile you see people dressed like they’re at the Oscars. But that comes with the territory.”

So, be sure to take into account why you are visiting and dress to match your occasion/event. For those without a strict dress code for their event (not attending a wedding or a convention, etc), then continue to read on.

When Are You Visiting the Casino?

When you are visiting the casino will make all the difference in how you dress for it. If you are visiting in the daytime to gamble, your dress can be a little more relaxed. As it gets later into the evening, though, it is imperative that you class up your style. Men should think to wear button-up short-sleeved shirt during the day but a nice long-sleeved button up shirt in the evening. Women might think to wear a sundress during the day but change into a more classy, upper-scale dress at night.

Know the Casino You are Visiting

According to GamblersDigestDaily, the dress codes found at casinos have become more relaxed over the years, but you should still pay attention to the dress code at the specific casino you are visiting. They state on their guide, “In general, it is always a good idea to visit the websites of the casinos you are planning to go to.” And that’s all too true. Where you are visiting is another key factor in how you will dress at a casino. For instance, you will have a different level of dress at Excalibur than you will at Monte Carlo. So be sure to check the dress code for the particular casino that you are visiting.

But to be effortlessly stylish and fashionable and to look like a winner, it’s always a good idea to dress nicer than you think you need to while also holding true to your personal style.

According to GamblingNewsMagazine, it is important to know the etiquette of the game you are playing, as well. That should also apply to the rules of fashion. Know the etiquette of the casino you are visiting.

General Rules

Aside from the rules listed above, be sure to never wear flip-flops or torn shoes with holes. It’s better to steer away from wearing shorts or tank tops in a casino. And as a rule of thumb, don’t wear anything too risqué or too old and ragged. The more class you can put into your look, the more class you will inevitably add to your game.

Apply the rules above to your fashion while you’re visiting the casino and be sure to ask the right questions when preparing. When you do, you are sure to look like a winner.


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