Dresses to Wear at a Casino


You are expected to dress a particular way whenever you’re a guest at a casino. Aside from honoring the request of the casino that you dress a particular way, you also have to do it out of respect for the other players in the establishment. Though not all casinos have a certain dress code, more and more casinos are requiring guests to wear particular items of clothing. 

This is particularly true when it comes to high-end casinos. The word “casino” means various things to various individuals. There are casinos that are a bit more like a roadside convenience store with several aisles of video poker and slot machines. On the other hand, there are casinos that are like cathedrals. Obviously, the dress codes at these two different places will be greatly different. 

Fortunately, we are here to help you if you want to impress other guests, feel comfortable, and fit in on your next casino visit.

Here are several clothing items that all gamblers must have in their wardrobe. 

How to Dress to Gamble

For those who don’t know, modern casinos are typically casual areas. Casinos actually do not care how you are dressed as long as you are on the general casino floor, and not trying to enter a section with a dress code or a VIP section. This is particularly true if you are going to play. 

Because of that, we will share 3 simple tips to help a casino enthusiast prepare for a gambling trip to a casino. You will never be dressed improperly as long as you follow these several tips. 

Dress Up After 6 PM

The nice clothes come out whenever the sun starts to go down. We aren’t certain where this tradition began, but it’s a very known thing amongst Canadian casinos. However, people wear various items at various times of day, even in the case of formal wear. You should dress up a little if you are going out and you plan to be out much past 6. This means that, if you’re a female, you have to slip a sweater over your shoulders to go with your cocktail dress. If you are a male, you have to swap out a button-down for your t-shirt. 

There are a lot of ways to dress up an outfit. This includes just switching tops and giving your face a little wash and adding nicer accessories or shoes. You are doing it properly as long as you are adjusting for a different environment. 

Wear Casual Clothing When Allowed

Casinos are not going to care what you’re wearing as long as you’ve got money to play with. However, there’s an exception to this. There are special areas of the casino that need a particular type of dress code. Oftentimes, it simply means particular restaurants or bars in a casino establishment, it often means the poker room, and it often means VIP sections. There isn’t a worse feeling than being thrown away because of what you are wearing. Thus, you can prevent experiencing this and examine the dress code before you visit. 

It is not recommended that you wear open shoes, sandals, and flip-flops to casinos. Not all casinos do not allow people inside because of their footwear. However, most of them do. That is why you might as well skip the open shoes and wear something a little nicer. You can go for a pair of boat shoes or a pair of loafers if you simply really do not want to wear socks. 

Dress Comfortably

It is okay to dress comfortably because the majority of casino floors around the globe requires nothing more than casual clothing. You have to ensure you wear something wit enough pockets if you need to bring a lot of items whenever you gamble. This might include pencils, notepads, strategy guides, and much more. Since almost every casino is a little on the cold side, you in luck if you tend to get hot. However, you should think about an additional layer of clothing if you tend to get cold. Make sure can easily take it off when it is getting too hot. 

You should avoid wearing clothing that is overly revealing and clothing with offensive slogans or images. You should also not wear clothing that covers your appearance.