7 Chic Ways To Style And Wear Oversized T-Shirts


Oversized t-shirts may be one of the few wardrobe staples that never go out of style. However, at times they get left out in the closet as trendy items take over each season. Also, some women hesitate to wear them when going out as they could look unshapely or frumpy on their own. Because of this, they’re not usually considered fashionable enough to wear outside and would often get relegated as sleepwear or home wear instead. 

Given this, fans of baggy t-shirts need not worry as these unassuming wardrobe items are considered fashion staples for a reason. Like any other basic wardrobe item, oversized shirts are designed to blend well with other clothing and accessories to create a fashionable attire. There are numerous ways in which an oversized shirt can be styled to fit every occasion or season.  

If you’re thinking about how you can dress up those big, comfy t-shirts piled up in your wardrobe and incorporate them in your everyday style, you can consider the tips below to help you gather inspiration for your very own chic baggy t-shirt ensemble. 

Tuck In And Accessorize 

Do you want to wear your baggy shirt without the baggy look? The answer is to tuck the hem in the waistline. This way, you can enjoy the loose fit of the shirt while having a more structured look at the bottom. You can further enhance this styling by adding a long necklace or wearing a jacket on top.  

At times, the print may be the best accessory for your shirt. For the latest trends in t-shirt prints, you can check out shops like Pixels that specialize in trendy printed apparel.  

Dress Up With Heels 

If you want the comfortable and cozy look of a cotton shirt top but want to take it up a notch, you can consider wearing your baggy shirt with your favorite pair of heels. Apart from the interesting combination of casual and formal, this style could give your legs an elongated look, especially when the hem of the shirt stops above the knees and you choose a short or a mini-skirt to go with it. You can then complete the look with an embellished purse and other eye-catching accessories. 

Dress Down With Sneakers 

Oversized t-shirts can also be worn as a casual mini-dress paired with sneakers for a comfortable street style. This pairing is flexible in that it can be used as both leisurewear and activewear at the same time. This style can also suit all body types and may be worn any time of day.  

Pair With Jeans 

The classic shirt-and-jeans combination can also be worn using an oversized shirt. You can pair your shirt with boyfriend jeans for a laidback retro look, or pair it with skinny jeans and heels for a dressed-up casual style. 

Tie In Front 

If you want to wear your oversized shirt on a hot sunny day, you can turn it into a crop top by tying it in the front. This will not only make it more comfortable but can also accentuate your body shape by highlighting your waistline. For a cool summer vibe, you can pair it with a ruffly flowing mini-skirt or colorful floral shorts. 

Wear Matching Bottoms 

For this style, you can take advantage of the monochromatic look which can have a slimming and lengthening effect on the body. To maximize the effect, you can choose longer bottoms such as baggy pants or culottes in the same color as your shirt and add accessories in the same shade for a unified look.  

Belt And Boots Combo 

This styling is another way to dress up your favorite baggy t-shirt. All you need is a wide belt that would cinch in your waist and create a more structured look so you can turn your t-shirt into a mini-dress. After that, you can pick your favorite boots on a height that would be most flattering to your figure. You can opt to wear short bottoms or you can go without as long as you’re comfortable with the coverage provided by your shirt.  


Your trusty oversized t-shirt can be a timeless wardrobe piece that you can wear from morning to night. Depending on your styling, you can wear your baggy shirt in many interesting and fashionable ways. The next time you’re looking at your wardrobe and you’re finding it hard to figure out what to wear, grab one of those big t-shirts and use your unique flair to put together a head-turning outfit that would make your style stand out.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.