How to Stop the Rain from Affecting Your Hair Extensions


The weather is heating up, which is wonderful, but it also means having to deal with the effects that rain has on your hair. One downpour is all that’s required to bring on instant frizz and ruin your perfect hairstyle, even if you have an umbrella.

If you’ve recently invested in hair extensions or will soon be having some installed, you’re probably wondering whether you can prevent the rain from wreaking havoc on your new locks.

Tips for Rain Proofing Your Hair Extensions

  • Rethink the products you’re using in the shower

To prevent your hair extensions from drying out, which could make any potential frizz that much worse, look at the ingredients in your hair care products. You want to avoid ingredients such as alcohol and sulfates if you want to keep additional frizz at bay as this will dry out your hair. Since your extensions can’t benefit from the natural oils that your scalp produces, you need to make sure that you are giving them the necessary moisture every time you wash them.

  • Don’t style your locks without protecting them first

Before you apply any heat to your natural hair or your extensions, use a heat protection spray. This spray will coat your hair and seal in the moisture, ensuring your locks are protected from heat damage. Just make sure that the spray you use is suitable for hair extensions.

  • Angle your hair drier

How you blow-dry your hair can also make a difference to how well your hair can withstand the elements. When you dry your hair, make sure that you attach a nozzle that will help you direct the hair down the hair shaft. A paddle brush can also be used to ensure your hair keeps moving in the right direction while you’re blow-drying it. Don’t blow dry your hair for too long either as this could create even more frizz.

  • Embrace your texture

When you purchase J’adore hair extensions, it’s best to select a texture that’s similar to your own. Not only will this make it easier for you to style and maintain your hair but if it is affected by the rain, your extensions will still be similar to your natural hair.

  • Hairspray is your friend

If you really want to give your locks a fighting chance, have a weatherproof hairspray on hand. Giving your hair a quick spray before you leave the house will give it a better chance of staying in place should it rain. Again, just be sure that the spray is safe for use on extensions and try not to overload your hair with product. You don’t want your hair to be crunchy or your extensions to be lifeless.

  • Leave in conditioner works really well too

Once you’re done styling your hair, give your locks a quick moisture boost by spraying a leave in conditioner over your natural hair and extensions. The ingredients in products such as these are designed to prevent frizz, which will help you in the event of a storm or general humidity.   

  • Keep a few supplies on hand

Always have a backup plan in place, in case your at-home haircare routine didn’t do the trick. Always carry a few bobby pins and a comb in your handbag so that you can fix your hair if you need to. Bobby pins are great for controlling fly aways. Even carrying a travel sized hairspray in your bag can really come in handy.

  • Add a hair mask to your routine

If you want to protect your hair extensions from the rain for as long as possible, add a hair mask to your weekly routine. Again, if your hair becomes dry, it will be more prone to frizz, which is why it’s essential to keep your moisture levels up. Ask your stylist about a hair mask that will work with your extensions.

By following these few basic guidelines, you can enjoy your new hair extensions without having to worry about the effects of the rain. Even if you do get caught in a storm, at least you will have a backup plan in your handbag.


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How to Stop the Rain from Affecting Your Hair Extensions