5 Weird Fashion Trends That Have Come and Gone


Fashion can mean many things to different individuals. Everybody has their way of exhibiting themselves through fashion. Some fashions can sometimes be too weird to wear them in public. Many big names in the industry are often seen showcasing uncanny attires on runways and in stores. These clothes many times are not accepted by the public and don’t get to see the outside of the closet. However, sometimes they become the trend if a couple of celebrities are seen wearing them. Here are some trends that have come and gone that can seem strange to look at.

Plastic Clothes

Be it with see-through pants or skirts or clear knee patches on jeans, plastic has been introduced to the fashion industry many times, and people felt weird about it every time. Vinyl is a product that is useful to carry out everyday tasks like storing food or holding groceries but seeing someone wearing it gives off a discomforting feeling.

Thigh-high boots/ Jeans boots

Knee-high boots or ankle boots are all-time favorites of ladies for the winter seasons. These long people like to take things to the next level. Creation of thigh-high boots had made it to the fashion trends for a short while before getting shut by the public. Not to forget about another “high” boots fashion statement, the jeans boots, is a level only risk-takers can reach. These boots go way high up to the waist to form an actual pair of jeans.

Checkered Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a fashion trend that was introduced to make a person look good while being comfortable. Lately, some people decided to attain a high level of comfort with sacrificing the “looking good” part. Checkered jumpsuit became a trend. This jumpsuit is baggy and buttoned to the top. It would look ridiculous if worn outside. Sure it could be comfortable to wear, but it’s too much of a night-suit to wear to parties or public places.

Animal Skin or Faux Fur

While fur has been the rage in fashion for as far back as we can see, faux fur has been taking the stage more and more as traditional fur gets banned across the fashion industry. We love seeing traditional fur take a back seat to its cruelty-free version but, if you have to wear traditional fur, skunk pelts are easier to get, as, according to Animal Control Specialists these animals are easily captured and aren’t challenging to keep.

Platform Crocs

Who can say no to glamorous high heels to wear at parties or gatherings? Nobody! But what if those high heels are crocs that placed over massive platforms and decorated with gems on the top? Nobody would want to wear them because, one, they’re crocs that can never look fashionable no matter how many celebrities wear them, and second, they’re raised to an unbelievable level that can make a person trip easily. Many well-known brands are making these shoes, and people are going crazy over them.