These 5 Luxury Home Features will Make Your Jaw Drop


Our home is always the best place to be. It is considered our safe haven from all the noise of the outside world. We all consider our home as the only place where we can be truly ourselves. But still, we can’t help but wonder how does it feel to have a bit of luxury additions to our humble abodes. Having these luxury home features can be quite pricey but it does improve the quality of living into something extraordinary.

1. A high-tech home

Nowadays, technology has always been tied up with convenience and luxury. Technology brings convenience and convenience has always been the best luxury we could have. If you are looking for ways to ease your way of living, then you should consider high-end home systems as one of your top priority. There are various home automation systems that offer entertainment, security, better lighting and temperature controls all within the palm of your hand or in the command of your voice. There are sliding doors that open automatically and heaters and fire features you can control remotely. You can even have your very own millionaire movie night in your room with the help of technology. High-end homes paired with technology is the new trend.

2. Built in Movie Theater

Imagine never lining up at the mall to get movie tickets or queuing at the snack corner to grab your popcorns whenever you want to watch a newly-released movie. Imagine having your very own movie theater inside your room with the perfect audio-visual setup suited to you and your family’s convenience. That would be the ultimate haven for movie and theater fans. With the addition of proper reclining theatre seats, fancy reveal screen curtains, and bespoke popcorn flavouring stations, your dream home theater would come to life. These fancy high-end home theaters would really bring “family movie night” to a whole new level.

3. Wine Tasting at home

Wine tasting rooms have made its way into the list of the most sought-after luxury features you can add to your homes. Although wine tasting rooms may be more appealing to the wine-loving public, having your own wine tasting room inside your house can be quite the show for the visitors. The traditional way of storing wine in the basements or in a forgotten closet is now becoming obsolete. Having a dedicated room for wines have become a major showpiece and a major turning point in innovative design. Buyers usually look for intricately designed bottles, custom lighting, glass showcases, motorized racks, and entire rooms just for the purpose of enjoying and sharing the vintage luxury.

4. Workout from home 

Having your own personal gym and workout stations right in the middle of the house have been popping up in luxury homes all over. Why avail of a pricey gym membership fee and travel everyday back and forth from the gym to your house when you just do your workout session at home? Rather than running to the gym at rush hour, why not have your personal trainer come to you, at your preferred  and convenient time. State-of-the-art cardio machines, weight machines, high-end treadmills, and a personal lounge for your trainer are just some of the ideas for the perfect fitness at home goal. Plus, after a solid workout, you can step into your personal sauna for a soothing steam.

5. Garages as showrooms

Luxury homeowners often possess one or more cars and automobiles so ample parking space is often a luxury for this. Car collectors often look for large garages and expansive courts to accommodate numerous vehicles and to serve as parking space for events. Garages of luxury houses have become much more than a dark shadowy room to park your car along with other mechanical items you might have. High-end garages now have the purpose as a showroom or exhibit area for the owner’s vehicles as works of art. Luxury renovations don’t necessarily have to be inside your house only. Luxury garages can become the main attraction of your house too.


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