Getting Beach Body Confident, with the Right Cosmetic Procedures


There’s no such thing as the perfect beach body. Men and women alike should feel that the body they have is the perfect body for hitting the beach. No one should undergo a cosmetic procedure in order to please someone else. Cosmetic surgery is a wholly personal decision and should be made for you and you alone.

That said, there are some who will find that they feel a great boost in their confidence if they have the help of one or more cosmetic surgeries or procedures. That truly is what cosmetic surgery should be about; the enhancement of your natural features so that you can uncover your true confidence.

Feeling strong and confident in your beachwear

There’s nothing saying that you can’t wear your shorts and t-shirts to the beach this summer. But if you want to feel and look your best, you should give some thought to the areas of your body that you are most insecure about.

For many that tends to be their stomach, thighs and arms. There are some surgical procedures that can address these areas of insecurity and leave you feeling your confident best.

According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anh Nguyen, a body lift can help to remove excess skin and stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. These surgeries are not a substitute for a good healthy diet and exercise routine. They are meant to be used as body contouring procedures to help refine your existing body shape.

Abdominoplasty addresses loose skin on the stomach. It’s quite common for women who’ve had children, or those who’ve lost a lot of weight, to have loose and sagging skin on their stomach. The abdominoplasty procedure can remove the excess loose skin, tighten up the stomach muscles and also integrate a little bit of liposuction to remove any small amount of remaining fat.

Brachioplasty, also referred to as an arm lift, is done to remove excess skin from the upper arms. It reshapes an arm that has drooping skin after weight loss or as a natural part of the ageing process. It can leave patients feeling confident enough to once against wear sleeveless outfits or snugly fitted tops.

Thighplasty, also known as a thigh lift, is performed with the goal of trimming and toning the inner or outer thighs. It could include the removal of loose sagging skin and liposuction to address stubborn areas of fat that don’t otherwise respond to diet and exercise.

These procedures will help to trim and tone, so that you’ll feel beautifully confident to step onto the beach once you have fully recovered from the surgeries.

Addressing scars and other skin issues

We all know that we are supposed to love the skin that we’re in. But when we have scars and other issues on our skin, it can feel like a bit more of a challenge to embrace our looks. Laser treatments can help to resurface scarred and damaged skin in order to reveal the healthy skin below. Chemical peels can also help to treat scars and discoloration on your skin that may be the result of too many years in the sun.

It’s important that you protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun, year-round. Use a strong sunscreen product and consider wearing a hat that will protect your face from the sun.

Breast surgery, for men and women

Men and women alike can find that they are unhappy with the way that their chests look. Men may want to cover up with a shirt if they have larger breasts than what they feel is masculine. There are a number of conditions that can result in men having excess breast tissue, which can also of course result in a decrease in confidence. Reducing the breast tissue and fat, and refining the contours of the chest can allow men to get the most masculine look that they want.

Women with breasts that are too small or too large for their frame may also opt for breast surgery to correct these issues. The breast augmentation and reduction procedures can result in symmetrical breasts that better suit the body frame of the woman who has, for too long, lived with discomfort due to her chest size.

Keep in mind that it can take up to six weeks to recover from plastic surgery. If you are planning a vacation or another type of trip, be sure that you’ve left ample time to recover from the procedure. Don’t forget that dermal fillers and laser resurfacing treatments can also give you an extra confidence boost before you step out onto the beach proudly.


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