How to Feel More Confident This Year


Let’s face it, last year really kicked us while we were down. It was a rough year of not leaving our homes, barely getting dressed each day, and leaving our faces fresh and dry. Well, 2021 came to the rescue and is bringing new hope. After all, we really need a confidence boost after last year, and we’re going to discuss how to get this. It’s a new beginning. It’s our year- a chance to try new makeup, a chance to re-invent our wardrobe, and a chance to be a “new you”! Let’s begin 2021 with all the confidence we can by utilizing the following tips for a fresh start.

Experiment with Your Makeup

Your makeup really does change your entire image. Having a good makeup day immediately helps you feel more confidence, and, suddenly, people seem to notice you more. So, get creative! Try new color combinations. Perhaps, try incorporating the new Pantone Colors of the Year into your makeup looks. Tell 2021 you mean business with a cute palette, some fresh lip colors, and highlighter. However you choose to do your makeup, do it in a way that leaves you happy and confident.

Get a New Wardrobe (Or Mix Up What You Already Have)

Another way to feel confident and excited to face the world is to dress to impress. Think about it, how many times have you made excuses to go out or just felt plain fantastic because you got a new outfit? You can have that feeling every day when you either get a new wardrobe and/or mix up existing pieces that you already have. Go through your closet, pull out everything, and begin mixing tops and bottoms that you haven’t worn together before. You’d be surprised how many looks you can pull off with just a few pieces. Mix, match, and plan out your next week of clothes. Believe it or not, planning out what you will wear can actually get you motivated to take on each day.

Now’s the Time to Get Some Work Done

Since we’re still not fully operational as a society, now’s the perfect time to take some down time to receive that cosmetic work you’ve been thinking about. Perhaps you’ve been looking to change up your nose or get a little botox? Well, it’s the perfect time to boost your confidence by sprucing up your look. If you’ve been wanting to increase your bra size, now’s the perfect time to get a breast augmentation surgery in Albany. It’s been proven time and time again that augmentations and cosmetic procedures have helped improve self-esteem. So, if this is something you’ve been wanting to do, now’s the perfect time.

Do Your Nails

Think about how often you’ve let your routine nail care slip by, and it finally catches up to you when you see how bad your nails look. That’s not a good feeling. On the contrary, think about how great you feel after a fresh mani-pedi. Well, new year/new you! It’s time to get on your nails. Get your nails done differently with the latest trends so you can get a confidence boost and feel like a million bucks.

Change Up Your Hair

Lastly, who doesn’t think about starting their “new year/new you” without a fresh haircut? Hair dyes and styles can literally change your entire mood, so it’s important to think about freshening up your hair to get motivated for the year. Think about getting fringy bangs or new layers, trends that are super in right now that never goes out of style. Think about taking you quarantine pink hair and turning it into a more natural hue as the world opens back up.

By playing around with your image and inventing a new you, you will be motivated to leave the dreaded 2020 behind and start over fresh, happy, and full of confidence.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.