Makeup Essentials Every Woman Should Have


There are many women who have huge makeup bags or vanity cases that are filled with makeup, much of which they never wear. Well, rather than having to carry all this makeup around whenever you are heading off on a trip, you can streamline by just having the makeup essentials.

You don’t have to be a graduate of Peoria beauty school to know that there are some items of makeup that you cannot do without. In this article, we will look at a few of the most popular makeup essentials for your bag or case, so you can still look great, but you won’t have to carry around a huge variety of different products.

Some of the Top Essentials

There are a number of top essentials that you need to have as part of your everyday makeup collection. Some of these include:


There are many wonderful mascaras out there these days designed to help you to achieve different looks. Many women have cited mascara as the one item of makeup they could not do without. You can use this to give your eyes a wider effect, make your eyelashes stand out, and add some glamor for an evening out. You can even get two-step mascaras, where you can use just the first step for casual wear such as work and then use the second step to add more fullness and thickness for a glam night out.

Eyeshadow Palette

Nobody wants to carry around a wide range of eyeshadows but at the same time, we don’t want to be limited to just one or two colors. The simple solution is to invest in an eyeshadow palette, which enables you to access a range of different colors but only carry around one palette rather than a number of separate eyeshadows. Many of these palettes also have highlighters included, so you won’t have to buy one separately and can use it to give the effect of wider eyes.

Lip Palette

As with eyeshadow, carrying around a variety of different lipsticks can be cumbersome and can eat into your budget. When you choose a lip palette, you can enjoy a choice of colors to suit different needs and occasions. This makes it easy to go from day to night in terms of your appearance when you are going out straight from work. You can choose the more subtle, neutral shades for work and then layer on darker shades when you are heading out for the evening.

Pressed Powder

If you want to avoid that shiny nose look or deal with an oily T-zone, a good pressed powder can work wonders. You can choose from translucent as well as a range of colors to suit different skin tones. You can then lightly dust the shinier areas of the face as and when required with minimal effort.

These are just some of the top options when it comes to convenient makeup solutions that will keep you looking good throughout the day as well as for nights out.


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