6 Used Wedding Items You Can Sell for Cash


Many of us dream of a fairytale wedding and spend a lot of money to turn that dream into reality. We buy the prettiest-looking arch, the finest linens and dinnerware, exotic flower arrangements, and a bunch of goofy signage. But what happens to them after the wedding is over? What happens to these items that were only used once and might never see the light of day ever again?

If you’re not the type who gets attached to their belongings, you could sell your wedding items to earn some cash. Many people are on a budget and look for cheaper decorations and dinnerware for their wedding, and they can benefit from it. Starting from your wedding attire to the leftover supplies, below are six wedding items you can sell for cash.


Wedding decor is expensive. Matching the right flowers, candleholders, and linens with your theme requires multiple rounds of hunting and visits to local wedding decor and craft stores. Then, you toss all of that to your store and never bring it out again.

The linens and candleholders are reusable if you throw a themed or anniversary party. However, flowers and arches will remain useless, and you can sell them off.

The best place to sell your wedding decoration is on social media or Craigslist. Look at similar listings to estimate the pricing, and consider the condition of your items to determine a selling price. Unless your decor is highly customized, you’ll find customers who will pay good value for those items.


You might’ve bought a pair of expensive earrings and a necklace that looked perfect for the wedding day. They accentuate your wedding look, but you don’t see yourself wearing them that often after the event. So, you can sell them and use the money for something else.

Some people may also want to sell an engagement ring if they get a new wedding ring and band. Miami jewelry shop Vivid Diamonds says, “Our team is always in search of fine diamonds and jewelry to fulfill the demand of our extensive clientele.” You can visit such jewelry shops to get good value for your fine jewelry.

Whether you want to sell your engagement ring or not is a matter of personal choice. Many people sell their engagement rings during a financial crisis or after a breakup. Some get a new ring and sell the old one, and some swap it with the one bought for the wedding day.

Wedding Dress

You’ve chosen the perfect wedding dress for your big day, and you’ve carried it off like a champ. But after the event, you store it in your closet and bring it out on anniversaries only. If you don’t have an emotional attachment to your wedding dress, you can sell it to another couple. Wedding attires are harder to sell than the other items, but you can list them up for some good cash. You can go over to Amazon or Facebook groups to resell the wedding dresses you and your partner wore on your special day.


Picking the perfect dinnerware for your wedding can be a bit of a challenge. Matching them with the theme is the hardest part. But once you’ve utilized them, they will rarely be of use anymore. Unless you host a lot of house parties that require you to use dinnerware, you’re better off selling them to a couple in need.

If you don’t have your initials printed on the plates, glasses, or cutlery, you can list them up on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, or even Facebook buy-and-sell groups and get good cash for value.

Wedding Signage

Surely, you can’t sell the sign with your name, and wedding date stamped on it, but you can sell the stand and the other signage. Many couples end up buying signage that shows the guests the way, asks them to leave a comment on a board for the newly-wedded couple, or signs with simple directions such as ‘Pick a Favor.’

You can sell these signs as a bundle or as individual pieces and find customers depending on their requirements. You can expect to receive a good amount if the signs are in good condition.

Leftover Supplies

Even after doing the right math and calculations, we end up buying extra ribbons, linens, draping, and craft items to build various decor pieces. These remain unused and benefit couples tying the knot on a budget. If the leftover portion is significant, you can sell them off. You can contact the craft stores to check if they will take them back. Otherwise, you can always list them on online marketplaces.

Weddings are perhaps one of the biggest events in our life, and we do everything in our power to make it as memorable as possible. Buying over-the-top decor and gorgeous attires are an insignificant part. Unless you have plans to reuse these items, you can make them available to other couples for their special day. Don’t forget to list the conditions of the items properly and mention the damages. Also, take clear pictures of the items for the customer to assure them that they’re getting good value for their money.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.