Best Tips for Artists Who Travel the World

Travel can be extremely beneficial for your mental health and help boost your creativity. If you are an artist who loves traveling, then you know firsthand how great it feels to finally get out of your home office or studio and explore the outside world. Besides, artists often have to go to other cities and countries for exhibits, art fairs, and other events that can jumpstart their careers. But how does one balance keeping making art, constantly having to move locations, and not exhausting themselves in the process?

Do you want to make your traveling experience as comfortable, enjoyable, and productive as possible? Are you hesitant about being able to combine your passion and your lifestyle? Check out these tips to get the most out of your next trip.

Protect your artwork

This is likely one of the most useful pieces of advice any traveling artist can receive. During your journey to an art fair on the other side of the world, you have to remember that there is nothing more important to you than keeping your artwork safe and sound. To ensure maximum protection of your creations, you can either painstakingly research every little detail about art transportation or hire an art logistics company to help you. Professional art handlers will take care of any of your issues and make sure that your piece arrives in perfect condition. 

Stay prepared

If you are an artist who wants to travel and create at the same time, you will have to always stay organized. Make a list of essential things to pack and plan which art materials you will take with you. Check your supplies to make sure you have enough of your favorite pencils, paints, and paper. You might not be able to get them where you are going, and we all know how annoying unfamiliar materials can be to deal with. Invest in a sturdy carrying case and a compact sketchbook that you can bring everywhere you go in case inspiration strikes. You might want to consider looking into travel-sized versions of your favorite art supplies.

That being said, worrying too much and stressing about things out of your control will harm your creativity. Do not beat yourself up over every inconvenience and enjoy your trip.

Take pictures


You might not always be ready to start painting or drawing. However, you might want to remember what you saw during your trip to draw inspiration from it later. In case that happens, you can take photos of places you visited. It might be something as seemingly insignificant as a cup of coffee, a flower, or a funny-looking dog. Small things make up our life experiences, and our memories are stored in little moments. You will thank yourself for documenting your journey once you come back home. 

Keep an open mind

Staying open-minded is crucial to being a great artist. You have to be flexible and open to change. Constantly working hard to grow as a person and perfecting your craft is the only way you can become what some call a “free artist” whose art is unbound by conventions and genre restrictions. Travel is a wonderful way to challenge preconceived notions, try new things, and gather material for future projects. 

In conclusion

There are no rules to being a traveling artist, but there are things that will make your life a little easier. If you are planning your business trip or a creative vacation, do not forget to take care and not overwork yourself to avoid artistic burnout. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.