Experience Change and Exhilaration by Switching Out Your Jewelry Pieces Regularly


Many cultures across the globe consider jewelry an adornment that elevates a women’s beauty. The right type of jewelry can completely change your overall look. You can add more femininity with delicate pieces or go bold and show your fierce side with statement pieces.

But jewelry goes beyond the simplicity of the beautification of oneself.

You must have heard about how colors affect your mood. For example, how using blues or greens in your space help create serenity and a peaceful environment. Similarly, jewelry can do the same for you. A bold, statement-making necklace can make you feel more confident and ready to meet the challenges of the day. While delicately crafted jewelry can bring out your romantic side, which is perfect for dates!

Jewelry can also have sentimental value or create new bonding memories. You can never go wrong with jewelry as gifts for the special women in your life. Any time your loved one wears your gifted piece of jewelry they will be reminded of how much you love them, and that could just make their whole day!

5 Must-Have Jewelry

Here are 5 pieces of jewelry that we recommend you have in your jewelry box and/or that you gift to your loved one.

Ward Off Bad Luck with an Evil Eye Bracelets

The evil eye symbol was first recorded by the Mesopotamians and continues to be considered a deflector of bad luck. Evil eye bracelets are a very popular choice for girls and women because of their bright colors and exciting designs. The evil eye comes in a variety of colors, each signifying different things but all offering protection.

Evoke the Chakra with Evil Eye Necklaces

Chains and necklaces are one of the most eye-catching pieces of jewelry. So, it makes sense to bring in the protective nature of an evil eye to it. Wearing a purple-colored evil eye pendant may help rebalance your life and make it easier to deal with obstacles. Plus, evil eye necklaces are said to evoke the heart region chakra and the spiritual connection.

Calm Your Nerves with Anxiety Rings

If you get easily anxious or stressed, then an anxiety ring might be a valuable addition to your jewelry collection. While you might have also heard them called fidget rings, these rings are not tacky in the slightest. In fact, many anxiety rings are crafted to look like traditional jewelry. The moving elements of these rings help you calm your nerves and prevent destructive behaviors like nail biting or skin peeling.

Keep the Promises with Promise Rings

Promise rings have evolved from the posy rings of the Late Middle Ages, which were often inscribed with romantic phrases. Today, promise rings still hold the same meaning when gifted to a woman or even a man. These rings are a symbol of commitment and devotion to the relationship. Though they aren’t the same as engagement rings, these rings are a great way to feel connected with your long-distance partner.

Remember the Bond with Rings for Your Mom

The bond between a mother and her child is a beautiful one that cannot be compared to any other relationship. Moms deserve that extra love! Matching mothers rings are a great choice for reflecting mother-daughter love and are an excellent gift choice. You will also find artists that can turn breast milk into gorgeous gems for rings that can be passed on to your children. Some artists can create keepsake rings so you always feel their presence.

More than What Meets the Eye

You might have never thought about how your choice of jewelry can impact your mood and feelings until now. There are a variety of styles and designs available, so whether you are someone who likes something minimal or something that demands attention, there is a piece of beautiful art just for you.

While choice of jewelry can bring a change in your life, keeping them clean and well-maintained is also important. Poorly maintained jewelry will make you look shabby and bring down the mood instead of creating an exhilarating impact. Remember to never spray perfume on your jewelry and to wipe your pieces clean before storing them away appropriately.

Remember, have fun! Your jewelry should make you feel like yourself and bring positivity to your life.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.