5 Tips for Filling Your Home with Positive Energy


Your mindset is intertwined with your surroundings. If your home feels stale and stagnant, it hinders creativity and joy. Follow our tips to create a refreshing vibe that will enhance performance and well-being. A few simple design moves are enough to generate upbeat energy!

1. Use Colors Strategically

Some people rely on Delta 8 bundles to stimulate creativity, but you can get inspired just by being in a green space. This color is a great creativity booster! Pastel shades like Sage Green are not only relaxing — they allow our brains to unleash their full potential. They also set a tone of friendliness and give off a special warmth.

For the bathroom, pick soft blue. This color is connected to restfulness. It recalls skies, ocean waters, and happy days. Blue will also make the room feel airy and brighter.

Red is ideal for your workout space. This color hinders analytical performance, but it is ideal for an exercising environment. Dark, deeply saturated shades will give you a power boost. Just looking at red is enough to get a burst of energy!

2. Use Proper Light

Let in as much natural light as possible to improve your creativity, performance, and overall health. When it is not available, use a balance of warm and cool bulbs. The former will make you feel more socially connected while the latter are best for concentration.

Place warm sources lower, as our brains are accustomed to this position — think of candles or campfires. Use these lamps when gathering with friends or chilling out. Switch to cool overhead lighting when you need focus and a productivity boost.

3. Embrace Minimalism

Photos, keepsakes, and art on walls and tabletops can create positive energy but avoid too much visual noise. An excess of visual stimuli causes distress, as we are hardwired to constantly scan the environment for threats.

Refresh your space at specific times — for example, holidays or different seasons. Your home should not look like a stagnant museum. Create flow with some fresh aesthetics.

4. Add Plants

Nature is the inherent setting for humans. It brings mental clarity and calm by default. Even incorporating 2-4 green plants in the interior will improve your well-being. Choose leafy plants around 2 ft tall and place them in different rooms.

5. Hang a Mobile

Items made of wood, stone, or other natural materials will reinforce the impact. Hang a mobile in a place where it will be swayed by the breeze coming from the outside. Every time you walk by, the air movement will also set it in motion.

These small things will create the conditions of a natural landscape for your subconscious. They will bring joy and stress release! Add a nature soundtrack, too — for example, rustling leaves and singing birds. These sounds don’t have to be loud, just barely perceptible.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.