12 Easy Outfit Ideas For Women This 2022


Fashion has seen an undeniable shift from following trends to rebelling against them by some significant tastemakers throughout the past year. On the one hand, there has been a more profound dedication to following trends, while on the other hand, a growing emphasis on personal style.

A woman’s wardrobe consists of the most basic pieces every woman has. However, their skill to combine the elements makes a fashion statement. Fashion is not complicated, and it does not depend on price. All you need is the ability to combine critical pieces.  

Easy Outfits

There are times when putting together an ensemble doesn’t feel fun. If you’re reading this, chances are, you sometimes feel the same way. With that, having a list of quick and easy outfits can be a lifesaver for you. 

Having a cool and, in some cases, comfy and stylish outfit on a hot and cold day can do wonders for your psyche. That’s why we’ve selected some of the freshest and most comfortable options for you.  

These are the trends you’ll see wearing over and over again in 2022. Inspired by the runway, these are the styles that will blow you away this year, many of which you can find at Ginger and Smart dresses and shoes online.   

  1. An elegant silk scarf and a simple dress with mules– A silk scarf around your head add ten times the chic factor to a simple dress and sandal ensemble.   
  1. Wear a button-down shirt over a tank and jeans – In fact, this look can prove that some combinations work even better when you don’t match all your colors perfectly.  
  1. Activewear and button-down set shirt– When wearing a matching set of activewear looks put together, but a button-down will elevate your look further.
  1. Dress + Cardigan– A cute cardigan will update any old dress and make it feel new. There’s something appealing about an outfit that makes you look approachable, comfortable, and beautiful.
  1. Black skinnies tucked into pointed toe boots – The black leather boots and a hooded poncho worn over black separates, alternatively combine a black or dark blue blazer with a black top, black skinny jeans, and boots.
  1. A Boho dress and suede boots– This outfit looks great when worn with a pale blue denim jacket, a country-inspired dress, black tights, suede boots, shoulder bag, and heavy knit scarf. 
  1. An all-black outfit paired with a white roll-neck sweater and skinny black pants– In case you are still thinking of how to dress elegantly, this outfit idea consists of a black blazer, white roll-neck sweater with skinny black pants, and pointy stilettos in black color. 
  1. Wear navy color for a simple outfit– The navy color might be a big hit with you, as seen in this navy outfit idea. The ribbed knit sweater is paired with navy wide pants and white sneakers. Palazzo pants are a good example of wide pants. They’ve made a comeback and can be worn to the beach, office, or even weddings. Their loose cut makes them comfortable, allowing the legs to flow as you walk.
  1. Winter party look– Don’t worry if a sparkly dress isn’t your style. You can rock the holiday spirit with a red gingham skirt and a graphic tee. Then, add a green coat and some sparkling jewels to elevate your look.  
  1.  Simple look– Go for a fun chainmail bag if you want to give your simple look a little extra. You can never go wrong with a chic knit and white jeans. Accessorize your look with timeless accessories, like a belt, leather booties, and gold hoops. As you know, simplicity is the key, so opt for an all-black ensemble, such as one, which consists of a semi-sheer tee, high-rise skinnies, and sneakers in a cool shade of white.   
  1. Gold shoes and black pinstripe pants – One can achieve an office-style look with a white-grey or black pinstripe shirt tucked in black pinstripe pants. Add a neckpiece and gold shoes to finish the look.  
  1. Accessorize-Wear aviator sunglasses, golden jewelry, and a beige coat dress for a safari-inspired look that never disappoints.  


You can quickly put together an elegant outfit with a well-made shirt or blouse made from high-quality material. Remember to wear neutral colors and materials that complement one another. If you want to look stylish, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg on your wardrobe.  

Instead, buy items at thrift stores for reasonably priced and look classy. A good rule of thumb is to avoid overthinking this: go for basics and style them around one statement piece instead of channeling your inner runway model.   

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.