The Easiest Way to Get Guaranteed Approval for Installment Loans From Direct Lenders

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A “direct loan” is any loan in which the borrower and lender deal with one another directly, without an intermediary. Banks, non-banks, and the government are all examples of direct lenders. PaydayChampion is only one of numerous direct lenders who offer payday loans straight to borrowers online. We offer direct installment loans to our customers.

Installment Loan from a Direct Lender What does it exactly mean?

You can go to a direct lender if an installment loan is what you need. Direct lenders who don’t involve third parties often offer installment loans. Brokers are intermediaries that bring together buyers and sellers. As such, a broker’s function is defined as the act of facilitating a transaction between two parties. A broker will collect data on a borrower, then search around for the most favorable loan terms and interest rate, all for a portion of the loan amount.

You should have a plan for repaying your loan to the lender and look into the rates of other personal loan options because of the potential complications with late payments.

When compared to Payday Loans, what benefits do Installment Loans offer?

Mortgages, vehicle loans, and other types of personal instalment loans are all examples of installment loans, which are characterized by higher interest rates, longer repayment terms, and tougher credit standards. A payday loan is similar to an installment loan, except that it typically has a higher interest rate, a shorter repayment time, and does not require a credit check. For marketing purposes, the phrase “payday loan” has been replaced by “short term installment loan” due to the negative connotations associated with the former.

Borrowing Money on Installments

Installment loans cover a broad spectrum of credit, from mortgages to car and boat purchases to cash advances; nevertheless, the word “personal loan” is more generally used to describe the type of loan most strongly associated with payday advances.

You get paid all at once, rather than in installments like with a regular loan. Thereafter, you’ll make regular payments to the lender for the term of the loan. While home mortgages often run for thirty years, car loans are often only for three. Typically, a personal loan with monthly payments will last for a period of 12 months.

A credit check and lengthy application process are standard for every genuine personal installment loan provider.

Even for borrowers with poor credit, the interest rates on personal installment loans are often lower than those on payday loans.

Please note that the data shown here applies to commonplace personal installment loans rather than “short term installment loans,” which are really simply a fancier name for “payday loans.”

Quick Loans for Urgent Financial Needs

Payday loans are small, short-term loans often not exceeding $1,000 that are payable on the borrower’s next payday. This is why it’s called by that name. You may need to give the lender access to your bank account or write a postdated check if you need the money before your next paycheck arrives.

The inability to pay back the loan on time is the main problem when it comes to payday loans. In this case, the loan might be rolled over until the next payday and repaid then, along with interest. In most cases, they will also charge you late fees.

So, what exactly is the issue? Average annual percentage rates (APRs) for such loans can exceed 400%. There may be fees and interest to pay along with the loan.

The “payday loan trap” occurs when the high interest on a small loan becomes too much to handle. Many people get stuck in a never-ending cycle of payday loans, and there are few options for getting out.

What makes loans in installments from direct lenders so appealing?

If you are in the market for a loan and are hoping to cut costs, you may want to consider the following advantages of dealing with direct lenders.


The most positive outcome in this regard is achieved by cooperation with direct lenders. Direct lenders have greater flexibility when it comes to loan arrangements than banks often do. They have a better grasp of your needs and can help you navigate through the mess. They can then tailor a service or product to your needs based on the information you provide. Loans from direct lenders are more likely to get approved even if your credit is less than perfect.


However large or small a company may be, its owner’s time is one of its most valuable assets. Keep in mind that it takes time to apply for a loan. Therefore, you need to act swiftly when a lender asks for a mountain of papers. When there are mistakes or problems while travelling, extra time is needed to fix them.

Direct business lenders, on the other hand, typically only require the signed documentation necessary to receive a loan. Since time is usually of the importance for any business owner, direct business lenders don’t require a ton of documentation to get the ball rolling on a loan.

Clearer and less complicated interaction

Mortgage borrowers often approach direct lenders first. These phrases can be used interchangeably because they all mean the same thing in terms of currency. It’s not just mortgages that working with a direct lender could be beneficial.

Many borrowers would rather work with their lenders directly rather than go through brokers. There will be more options for borrowers to get in touch, more simplified information dissemination, and faster response times to any inquiries they may have concerning their loan.

It is assumed that you have no prior experience in the finance sector. Talking to direct lenders can give you insight into the financial system as a whole, as well as suggestions for how to best aid your company’s development and expansion. They know all the ins and outs of the lending industry and can help you find the loan that is right for you.

Immediately, the funds are transferred into your account.

It could take longer for funds to be disbursed from more conventional lenders. In comparison, negotiating with a direct lender typically just takes a fraction of the time it would at a bank. The efficiency of your business could greatly benefit from a reduction in waiting time.

Since time is of the essential for the continued success of your organization, direct lenders will move rapidly. They’ve come to appreciate the need to swiftly disburse money. Banks are willing to extend credit knowing that it would be used on endeavours that will ultimately benefit the company.

If my credit isn’t excellent, can I still get an Installment Loan?

An installment loan may be attainable even with a low credit score (629 or lower), but there are things you can take to raise your score and increase your borrowing options.

A joint loan application, or one requiring more than one signature, may be the best option. You may improve your chances of getting approved for a loan or getting a better interest rate by mentioning a cosigner with better credit or a more reliable source of income on your loan application. When multiple borrowers cosign a personal loan, each borrower has full and equal access to the loan’s proceeds and paperwork. No part of the loan proceeds are available to the cosigner at any time. Loan payments must be made by the co-applicant if the original applicant defaults.

You could receive a loan with a guarantor. If you put up a car or savings account as collateral, the lender has something to take if you fail to repay the loan. Evaluate the potential benefit of using collateral to secure a loan against the potential loss.

PaydayChampion Offer a more affordable pricing, if possible. Lenders are hesitant to extend credit to people they think may struggle to fulfill their payments. You may find that the installment loan amount offered by the lender is less than what you were hoping for. In some cases, you may have a better chance of being approved for a loan if you combine a smaller loan with other borrowing choices to cover your needs.

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