Ways to Redesign Your Home as You Mature


When 2020 began, no one could predict that we’d be spending two years locked up inside our homes. Talking to the same four walks everyday sure gets tiring fast! Cue: Redecorating. New aesthetic? Check. Much needed? Check.

But aside from gaudy wallpapers and patterned curtains, it’s important to ensure that your home is also decorated in a way that equips your health and comfort, especially as you mature. Below, we have put together a few tips and tricks to give you some inspiration for redesigning your home as you mature. Our tips are both practical and stylish, so read on to get inspired.

  1. A smooth, even-floored surface is better on joints as well as in preventing slips. Avoid using a slippery material like glossy tiles or polished stone. You can also apply adhesive nonskid strips in critical areas where you will regularly be walking barefoot.
  2. If you have stairs, then make sure to have visual contrast at every level to avoid tripping and falling. 
  3. Installing door hardware slightly lower than the usual height and opting for a lever handle instead of the standard knob makes them easier to open and close.
  4. Getting rid of unnecessary furniture and anything that has too many sharp edges could be beneficial. So, consider a chic, minimalistic aesthetic- it’s mature and functional! The more cluttered a place is, after all, the less chic it looks.
  5. Remember the holy trinity: Increased light, improved ventilation, and sturdy and balanced furniture.
  6. As you mature, your safety and comfort should be more on your mind. So, consider investing in medical alert devices. Not only could they help you in case of an emergency, they can also provide much-needed peace of mind that you will be safe.
  7. Don’t install cabinets over the stove. Leaning over a hot surface can pose a hazard, particularly when balance is impaired.
  8. Consider removing rugs and instead switching over to non-slip surfaces like cork, rubber, or linoleum.
  9. Replace traditional toggle light switches with easy-to-use rocker panel switches.
  10. As far as smart technology is concerned, you’re literally spoilt for choice. There are devices that enable voice or app control on all of your lights and appliances. There are motion sensors that track movement and alert caregivers if you haven’t moved lately. All in all, installing smart devices is a critical idea. 
  11. Whatever you do, never compromise on your security by forgetting to install burglar alarms, security cameras, and smoke detectors. Front door security cameras are also a good touch.
  12. The position of electrical sockets and extension cords could cause you to trip. So, it’s better to plug them at a tabletop height. It’s also helpful in case of muscle strains and backaches!
  13. Increase ventilation around the house by opening windows and housing plants. Not only will it give your house a cheery glow, but it will also leave it fresh.
  14. Most accidents happen in the bathroom. To prevent that:
    • Choose a flooring material that remains grippy when wet.
    • Add extra railings
    • Opt for an easy-to-use faucet handle or a hands-free faucet. 
    • Install a curbless shower

While there’s still a thousand more things you can do, this list should be a good starting place. Shop around a while for excellent deals and make sure to prioritize quality over quantity. Here’s to aging gracefully and staying safe at home in the process.

Written by Avanti Giridharan
Avanti Giridharan is a freelance writer who is interested in writing about relationships, lifestyle, beauty and fashion. When she's not writing, she can be found reading or playing music. She seeks to empower people through compassion and logic in her writings.