White Contact Lenses for Halloween


Halloween is the perfect time of year to let loose and have fun! This spooky holiday is all about dressing up, partying, and scaring yourself silly! Whether you love hardcore horror and will be heading to your nearest scare event or watching this year’s top horror movies or you prefer a low-key night of trick-or-treating or a fancy dress party, there’s something super fun about dressing up for the occasion. 

Among the hordes of zombies, ghosts, and witches you can step up your fancy dress costume with a pair of Halloween coloured contacts. Pick up a costume from the shop and customise it yourself or practice your DIY skills by making your monster costume from scratch but make sure you don’t forget those all-important accessories. Whether it is fake blood or face paint, the little details can truly transform your final costume from spooky to downright terrifying. As a final touch to your costume, add a pair of coloured contact lenses, available in all kinds of crazy colours.

In particular, white Halloween contact lenses are a versatile choice that can complete so many different costumes:

  • Zombie Apocalypse: Zombies are a popular choice for Halloween fancy dress because it is easy to DIY a costume and add some SFX makeup but to complete your freaky zombie transformation make sure to add a pair of white coloured contacts to give your eyes that spooky undead vibe.
  • Skeletons & Day of The Dead Skulls: If you want to get creative with your makeup a Day of the Dead skull is the perfect way to experiment with your Halloween look. Complete your skeleton face with a pair of white coloured contacts to give a hollow look to your eyes.
  • Ghosts: Whether you are going for the classic white sheet ghost costume or are planning to wear a ghostly white dress, a pair of white coloured contacts can certainly add to the illusion and step up your spooky costume.
  • Character Costumes: Transform into your favourite Tim Burton character with a pair of white coloured contacts to create the wide-eyed look of Emily from the Corpse Bride or Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Creepy Clown: There’s something inherently freaky about clowns which is why they have been featured in many horror movies. With so many types of clown face paint or masks to choose from, you can get creative when dressing up as a Halloween clown. Complete your look with a pair of white Halloween contact lenses.

Choosing Your White Contact Lenses For Halloween

You may have already selected your costume for Halloween so let’s find you the perfect white contact lenses to match it. There are plenty of classic styles to pick from as white coloured contacts are such a popular choice for the spooky season. This versatile colour can be paired with so many Halloween characters and monsters.

  • White Halloween Lenses: This design features a block white iris with a clear pupil for completely covering your eye colour in white while leaving you with clear vision.
  • White Blind Lenses: These white coloured contacts cover the iris and pupil with white pigment, completely covering vision but giving an eerie blanked-out stare. This style is best suited for photoshoots or wearing in one eye.
  • White UV Lenses: Under normal light, these white lenses look like a regular pair of coloured contacts but under UV blacklight, these cool contact lenses give a freaky glow that is perfect for pairing with UV body paint.
  • White Manson Lenses: Manson coloured contacts feature a white iris with a black outer ring. This striking design is popular for skeleton and clown makeup.
  • White Angelic Lenses: A white pair of lenses with black feathered edges for a creepy highlighted style that is super spooky for creating broken doll makeup or mystical beings.

Many of the most popular Halloween contact lenses are available as non-prescription and prescription lenses to suit your needs. Choose your prescription strength so you can make sure you have clear vision as well as epic Halloween eyes.

There are many more styles available at ColouredContacts.com including niche designs for specific characters so you can find your perfect pair of Halloween coloured contact lenses for you fancy dress costume. Whether you are looking for white contact lenses for Halloween or need a different colour to complete your costume, there are hundreds of safe contact lenses available, made from breathable lightweight materials so you can enjoy Halloween and up your costume game.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.