Styling for Men: How to Class Up Any Look


Looking stylish isn’t just about following trends you see celebrities and influencers promote. Knowing what works for you and elevating your personal style boosts your confidence and makes you look classy.

But if you need a few style tips to get started, then we’ve got you. We will share with you some simple yet practical tips on how to class up any look.

Make Sure Your Clothes are the Right Size

Wearing clothing that is too loose or too tight will have you struggling to be comfortable. When you are uncomfortable and stressed in your clothing, it is not possible to look dressed up. Regardless of the price tag, clothing that fits you perfectly instantly makes you look put together.

Suits, especially, need to be well-tailored. This outfit is the epitome of classiness and style, both within a workspace and outside. The same goes for denims. Make sure you get yourself a style the suits your body shape well and is of an appropriate length.

Style Your Look with a Watch

Just like a beautiful artwork can elevate a boring room, a watch adds classiness to your look. Style your look with a watch that works well for you. Consider traditional watches an investment as they are forever the standard for elegance and style.

However, smartwatches can also be great choices. When dressing in formals, avoid sporty smartwatches with silicone wristbands. Your best bet for both work and play would be a hybrid smartwatch that brings together elements of traditional watches and the brilliance of smart technology.

Step Out in Style in Classy Shoes

Shoes are another important element of your outfit. You should always have a timeless, classic dress shoe with a simple design and preferably round-toed. These shoes work well with a variety of dressing styles and are suitable for both formal and informal occasions. Sneakers are another great choice of shoes to have in your wardrobe for casual occasions.

Wearing appropriate shoes for the occasion is crucial to look classy, as is pairing the right type of socks with them. You could also invest in gel insoles to get the right support and comfort in your favorite pair of shoes. Always remember to keep your shoes clean and polished too!

Go Light on Accessories

Another way to elevate a simple outfit to a classy level is through accessorizing. Sunglasses are a good choice and worth the investment. Go for something that isn’t too flashy or outrageously unique. Classy styles will never disappoint you.

For formal wear, pocket squares and ties step up your style game. Remember to keep them a darker shade than your jacket to create a harmonized look. You can also choose to include tie pins or cufflinks, but keeping it minimal is always a better approach.

Choose a Good Scent

You might not think scents are a styling element. But you would be wrong. Besides good hygiene, good scents create an impression of a put-together man. A right composition of notes can evoke different emotions in people. Thus, investing in a good perfume or cologne could do wonders for you.

Parfum and Eau de Parfum have high fragrance concentration and are expensive compared to their lesser concentrated counterparts. However, their fragrances last much longer with a single application. Choose a scent that works best with your body odor and remember less is more with perfumes.

Bring in a Pop of Color

While classic colors and neutrals will never fail you, experimenting with colors won’t disappoint you. You can enhance both formal and informal styles with a bit of color. The rule is to not have an explosion of colors.

It is okay to experiment with your style and color palette. There is no time like now to try new things and create your personal style. The rules are there to guide you, so don’t be afraid to break them when you need to.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.