Seven Original Ways to Give Jewelry as a Gift


A jewelry gift is every woman’s dream, whether it’s a ring, a chain, a set of Moissanite earrings, or an ordinary pendant. The general atmosphere of the holiday that is vibrant when you present a piece of jewelry is as important as the gift itself. A beautiful velvet box is usually presented in a restaurant and by candlelight in Hollywood movies. Still, there are more unusual ways to surprise your better half in a way she’ll always remember.

Use a Deceptive Wrapping 

Put a small velvet box in a large teapot box and wrap the whole thing in wrapping paper. We guarantee that you’ll have two main pleasures that evening. You’ll never forget your girlfriend’s face when she sees the gift. You’ll never forget her sincere joy when she finds something she didn’t even dream of in it.

Decorate the Gift with Balloons 

Balloons look festive and can create a real sensation in combination with a jewelry gift. The jewelry can be either given as a separate gift or placed inside one of the balloons. The main thing is to make sure it doesn’t fly away. 

It will be more effective if you present a bunch of balloons on the street, but if your natural modesty does not allow you to do that, you can decorate your beloved’s apartment or the staircase leading to it.

Find an Unusual Giver 

There is no doubt that your loved one to whom you will give a gift expects you to do it traditionally. But sometimes, a little confusion can turn into a real surprise and fireworks of emotions. Find someone your loved one won’t expect a gift from. The special box may be presented by a courier, your niece disguised as an angel, your favorite dog’s collar, or even your neighbor, who pretends to have received the package by mistake.

Put Jewelry with a Love Message in an Envelope

The decision of what to put in an envelope, in addition to jewelry, is up to you. It can be a postcard, a long letter, theater, airplane, concert, or exhibition tickets. Hand over the envelope in person or hide it in your woman’s apartment to let her know at any moment where to look to get your gift.

Prepare an Interesting Quest 

Create a real treasure hunt for the recipient. Throughout your apartment, spread notes with clues to what your loved one will find in different places in the morning. Write that the prize will be valuable. The longer the search goes on, the more interesting and pleasant it is for the recipient to find their gift.

Put a Gift in an Unexpected Place 

Try to have the recipient accidentally stumble upon their gift. You can put the jewelry in a coffee can, on a shelf with clothes, in a locker in the bathroom, in a briefcase or jacket pocket. Most importantly, be vigilant and ensure the gift doesn’t accidentally end up in a trash can or other unexpected places, such as a washing machine.

Give Gifts in a Beautiful Location

Think about what places you could call yours. It can be your favorite restaurant, the street where you walked on your first date, a zoo, or an observation deck — the more unexpected the location, the better. In an unusual setting, the gift will cause more joy, and the day will remain in the memory of your loved one forever. 


Remember that your ingenuity and care speak volumes about your love when you’re giving a gift. It’s not only the gift that’s important — the giving should be a masterpiece. It should resonate with your loved one’s soul so that, whatever you give, that thing will always have emotional significance.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.