How to Choose a Wedding Photographer in Manila: The Best Tips for Newlyweds


A wedding photographer is one of the most important specialists on your celebration. He will help you to get wonderful pictures to save this day in your memory forever. There are a lot of professional photographers in Manila since it’s a nice place for your wedding. You can visit Manila Ocean Park and take beautiful photos with exotic fishes. You can visit the Coconut Palaces with the beautiful garden and gorgeous flowers. There are a lot of places for photo shooting in Manila. You can organize a classic wedding with a long dress and a restaurant or something less formal on the beach. The most important thing is to choose the best wedding photographers in Manila. We will give you some recommendations that will help to do it. 

Choose the right platform 

Of course, you can ask your friends and relatives about a photographer. But there aren’t guarantees they will recommend you to a professional. Their opinion is subjective. They could have weddings in a different format. 

Another way is social media. A lot of photographers offer their services in their own communities. You can read reviews there. But in this case you will have to spend a lot of time examining their pages and portfolio. Some specialists can buy reviews. 

The best way to find a photographer in Manila is through special platforms. On our website you can see a lot of profiles with photos and real reviews. You can see the price and other conditions of work. 

Compare the prices 

Wedding photographers in Manila aren’t very cheap but their prices are really variable. Don’t be shy to ask about what the price includes and why they want this sum. We don’t recommend choosing the cheapest photographer. You can pick up something in between to get the good services. Ask about a discount. Some photographers give them if you hire them for the whole day.


Our service allows us to communicate online. But don’t limit yourself. You should meet a photographer in person at least a couple of times before the wedding. Set up an interview with several professionals you liked the most. Don’t be shy to ask more questions. Remember that a good photographer should get along with people well. If you aren’t comfortable with this person, better choose another variant. You will have to spend a lot of hours in the one team. Tell him about the wedding. Pay attention if a photographer asks questions about it. They shouldn’t look indifferent. 

Ask about services 

Some wedding photographers offer only the photo shooting on the wedding day and photo editing. Another one will offer you the photo shooting before the wedding, love story photo shooting and the design of your wedding book. Some professionals will help you with the image and dresses. How many photos will you get? Should you pay an additional price for photo editing? Is it possible to take pictures with pets and kids? You should find out everything. 

Examine the portfolio 

The portfolio is the most important thing you should pay attention to. The more pictures you see, the better for choosing the right specialists. Check if people look natural in the photos. If they look strained, a photographer isn’t able to create a calm and friendly atmosphere. Portfolio should include pictures in different styles and formats. It should be comfortable to examine it. Don’t check a lot of portfolios on the same day. This way everything will be mixed in your head and you can’t be objective. Better to check 2-3 photographers per day.

Your wedding photographer should know all about modern tendencies and trends. Make sure they can work in the style you chose for your celebration. Check if they can deal with non-standard and unexpected situations (for example with rain during the photo shooting). 

Think about the agreement

A wedding is an important event. You and your loved ones should be completely protected. If a specialist doesn’t want to make an official agreement, better switch to another professional. The agreement includes the price, terms, rights and obligations, responsibility. You can add other points if you want. Ask who will have the intellectual rights for your photos. A photographer doesn’t have any right to publish your pictures without your permission. 

Thus, a wedding photographer in Manila will make your celebration special. You will look the most beautiful in the pictures if you choose the right specialist. On our websites you will find a lot of professionals with a big portfolio and good experience. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.