Why Should You Become MCSE: Productivity Certified?


Microsoft 70-345 Certification Exam Details

Having a verified certification has become essential for IT workers. Employers are now looking for professionals with proven skills to work for them. One of the best ways to become a sought-after professional is to get certification from the Microsoft company.

Microsoft certification has now become popular with employers and professionals alike. Certification from this famous vendor will help you to develop highly demanded skills that can help you get your dream job. The Microsoft certification program comprises of four credential paths: MTA, MCSA, MCSE and MCSD. MCSA is a formal prerequisite for MCSE and MCSD certifications. In this article, we will focus on Microsoft MCSA Windows Certification: Productivity certification and considering one of the exam options for this credential.

MCSE: Productivity certification

If you already have associate-level MCSA: Office 365, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 certification, you are eligible to go for MCSE: Productivity. This certification is designed for network and computer system administrators and also for individuals who want to prove that they possess the skills required to move the company to the cloud, decrease data loss and increase data security and user productivity. You need to pass just one of the offered exams to get certified.

Below we will take you through the details of this certification, 70-345 exam and the reasons why you should become certified. Shall we start right away? Let’s dive in for more details.


Why should you become MCSE: Productivity certified?

1. To develop your skills

Becoming a professional in any field requires you to develop specific skills. Thanks to Microsoft’s conducive learning environment, study resources, and thorough exams, you can be sure you will succeed. Your credential will prove to the world that you have the skills that enterprises and other organizations can use to their advantage.

2. Certification by a leading exam vendor

Microsoft is the most popular as a vendor for IT services and products and in equipping candidates with practical skills that are relevant in the market today. The process that you go through while pursuing your certification is a little overwhelming, but definitely worth it. The company’s goal is to ensure that you receive thorough skills and knowledge to carry out technical tasks and aid businesses in meeting their goals.

3. You become more efficient

Acquiring relevant skills improves your performance at work. With new skills and experience, you’ll have a better approach to technical tasks and problem-solving. So, if you want to be efficient in carrying out your work routines, a certification would boost your performance.

4. You stand out from your peers

Earning MCSE: Productivity certification is a great proof of your skill. There’s more demand for professionals with this credentials compared to those without. Once you earn it, you’ll be better placed to take up the opportunities that come up by the day.

5. Better job opportunities

Unique and competitive skills mean better job opportunities. With this certification, you’ll have a higher chance of getting a well-paying job with other benefits. As a professional with skills in Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, you’ll qualify for jobs like Microsoft Exchange engineer, server administrator, server engineer and Exchange Server systems administrator. These are among the most competitive skills today.

6. Career growth

When you have the right skills, you become efficient and more reliable at work. Being a dependable professional means a lot to your career in the long run. There is a high chance of getting a promotion and being assigned more duties that are relevant to your skills when you have a tangible qualification. MCSE: Productivity proves to your employer that you are committed to delivering better results. MCSE: Productivity certification comes with attractive remuneration. Professionals with this credential earn up to $89,000 on average per annum according to data from Indeed.com.


70-345 exam

Microsoft 70-345: Designing and deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 exam verifies your skills to design, deploy and administer Exchange Server 2016. This exam covers the following objectives:

  • Planning, deploying, managing and troubleshooting mailbox databases, client access services and transport services
  • Planning, deploying and managing exchange infrastructure, security, recipients, compliance, eDiscovery, archiving and auditing
  • Implementing and managing coexistence, migration, hybrid scenarios and federation

70-345 exam is targeted at senior administrators or IT consultants who already know how to integrate Microsoft Exchange Server with Skype for Business and Office 365. You should have at least three years of hands-on experience working in an Exchange 2016 environment. Here are some exam details:

  • Exam format: Questions may be multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, build list, case studies and hot area
  • Number of questions: 40-60
  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Passing score: 700/1000
  • Cost: $165

Tips to help you pass your 70-345 exam

I know you’ve now made up your mind to go for this credential. Here are tips to help you pass your exam successfully:

  • Download and study the exam objectives
  • Schedule your exam early enough to allow you time for preparation
  • Create a study plan and follow through
  • Enroll for a training course
  • Ensure you get enough rest even as you prepare for your exam
  • Get study guides and practice tests to help you with preparation
  • Join online discussion groups with like-minded candidates pursuing the same certification
  • Appear for the exam at least 30 minutes before the start
  • Read exam instructions and questions carefully. Ensure to attempt all questions

My personal experience of passing Microsoft 70-345 exam

Around three months ago, my brother told me about MCSE: Productivity credential and why it was important to me as an IT professional. I decided to research about this certification online. By the time I was logging off my computer, I knew that’s something I must consider doing. I booked the exam after one month and then started my preparation right away. I got some study guides and practice tests. Along the way, I realized that I needed much more than using guides. I enrolled for a course almost immediately, and that was a real game-changer for me. Anything that I couldn’t understand before became clearer through the course.

All these resources became very useful. I could now use the guides and tests with ease. I was ready for the exam a few days before the scheduled date and I took it with confidence. I must admit that there were a few challenging areas that really gave me a hard time. But I guess my thorough preparation contributed to my high grades. I managed 900/1000 points. Of course, it came as a surprise to family and me. I presented my certification to my boss and after around three weeks, I got a promotion that meant better rewards and flexibility for me. I’ve seen what certification can do. My life has become better and I am more hopeful and confident than ever before.

Best Training courses for Microsoft 70-345 exam

  • Administering Microsoft Exchange Server instructor-led course by Microsoft Learning
  • Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Instructor-led course by Microsoft learning

Are Microsoft 70-345 exam dumps helpful?

Exam dumps are helpful as long as you use them correctly. They give you an insight into the actual exam and help you test your readiness. Always use dumps that are up to date. Use them alongside your other prep resources like courses and study guides. You can find these important study resources from sites like PrepAway, ExamCollection, Exam-Labs and more.

Top web resources for Microsoft 70-345 exam

  • Exam Ref 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 by Microsoft Press
  • Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 study guide
  • Microsoft Certified Official Practice Test for 70-345 exam
  • Microsoft MCSE 70-345 Dumps from PrepAway

Final thoughts

I know you’re now certain of your decision to go for MCSE: Productivity certification. Now that you’re sure of what it means to you, your performance at work and your career as a whole, there’s no way you can stop yourself from achieving it. Meeting your personal and career goals requires deliberate input from you. So passing your Microsoft 70-345 exam is the roadmap towards achieving this prestigious certification. Take action today!