5 Tips for Making Outstanding Instagram Stories for Your Fashion Business


Instagram stories came out in 2016. It has been four years since the feature first arrived and today it is one of the most popular features used by hundreds of millions of Instagram users. If you want to use Instagram stories to promote your fashion brand and increase engagement then these tips can point you in the right direction. These can help you gain more followers on Instagram as well. So, if you are interested check them out.

1. Exclusive Content or Stuff Not for Main Content

Instagram stories are gone after 24 hours unless you pin them. This means that if you do not want something to be posted as the main content to your profile but you still want to share it with your followers then it can go on Instagram stories. There are many pictures and videos that may look quite right to upload at that day or moment but you feel that it does not have that long-term sustainability as it will be more relatable now. You can upload those posts on Instagram stories. If you get a lot of positive engagement and later feel that it could be good as a long-term post you can pin the story. You can also upload content that can be sort of exclusive to your followers who regularly check out your stories. This can be stuff like product discounts for the day or some sort of a sneak peek that your followers might appreciate.

2. Product Teasers

Instagram stories are a great way to post product promos and teasers on Instagram. Now, since you are a fashion brand you can benefit a lot from product teasing. It helps create hype and may get a lot of people onboard for purchasing the product when it will be released. Now, product teasers can start about a month before the product is actually going to be launched. So, it means that you may upload a lot of teasers before posting about the actual product launch on the launch day. These posts though Important for promotion may not be right as long-term posts as your main content as they are only relevant at this point. Also, it may not be that useful in the future because it is just a teaser of the product and not the actual product post. So, it will be fine to keep it as a story to keep your audiences informed and then after 24 hours, it will disappear. Try to be captivating in product teasers. If you are coming out with a new shoe you need to put out teasers regarding the special features of the shoe. Or if you had any influencer check it out then and they had something positive to say about it you can put it as a teaser as well. These can help increase engagement on instagram.

3. Behind The Scenes

People love to know how anything is made or who is making it. A look at your factory or shop where you are manufacturing the products of your brand can be a nice way of connecting with your followers. You can record small funny interactions with your colleagues or employees and then upload these as your Instagram story. Let’s say you have a very popular product that has got a lot of sales. You can record a couple of snippets of you discussing with other designers who worked on that product alongside you. Let them tell how they were inspired and what they decided to do. You can also upload videos where you are showing how the product is being made. You can break the entire video into multiple posts and upload it as multiple stories bunched together. Since Instagram Stories flow one after the other you can put the videos in sequence. This will make interested people check out all the slides of your story.

4. Conduct Polls

Instagram stories can be used to gain feedback from your followers. One of the important reasons why businesses and brands are using social media is that they can get direct feedback from their target audiences. Instagram stories can be used to conduct polls and take feedback from your followers. You can use stickers and various filters to do this. The best thing is that adding a poll sticker to your Instagram story is very easy. It is one of those simple things that are easy to implement but can provide quote effective results. For example, you can create polls about which style of shoes is best for work or which top design is better for a fun night out. It can give you an idea about the sentiment and opinion of your audience which you can use to better create products targeted towards the majority of your customers.

5. User Content and User Interaction

Instagram stories can be used to upload content that has been created by your followers or influencers that collaborate with your brand. You can urge your followers to share their pic using your product with you and then share it on your story. There are other creative ways to create stories that are centered around your audience. A lot of brands upload a small interesting fact about one of their followers and upload it as a story. For example, if one of your followers who use your product is a writer then you can upload a small snippet of their work and in the corresponding slides, you can post their pic wearing or using your product. These kinds of contents that are created around your audience can make your followers more loyal and more willing to engage with your posts. It makes your brand seem more human and less commercial which is a good thing as far as social media is concerned. Instagram stories can also be used for letting your followers ask you questions and you reply to them and share it as a slide in the q&a story. It will give people a better look at your brand and give them a chance to understand you and your brand better.

So, these were our tips on how to use Instagram stories to promote your fashion brand on the platform. We hope you learned a couple of interesting and useful things that can be of help. We suggest you check out the stories of other fashion brands that are using stories effectively. You can take Inspirations from their work. Remember, social media promotion involves a lot of trial and error and experimentation. Always analyze your growth using insights and try to optimize your promotional strategy.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.