Best Advice For YouTube Creators


YouTube is now a serious competitor to television in the fight for viewers. The service contains millions of channels on all kinds of topics: educational, news, and entertainment. Even a child can become a successful author of his or her own blog and have thousands of subscribers.

We would like to share with you some tips how to start YouTube channel successfully and go viral:

1. Find your niche

The more content and authors appear on YouTube, the harder it is to find a niche and create a unique product. We have collected a few topics that we think are worth a closer look.

What are good ideas for YouTube videos?

  • DIY / Tutorials
  • Training / education
  • Let’s play video content
  • Prank videos
  • Reviews
  • Daily vlogs / lifestyle

YouTube is more than just an entertainment platform. With content on video hosting, people learn new things, express themselves and share their opinions on a variety of issues. If you meet the needs of your audience in a field that is close to your heart, you will be successful.

2. Spare no time and money for promotion

You have to understand one important thing – it is difficult without promotion. Promotion helps attract new audiences. To productively find your audience, you need to try to reach as many users as possible. Advertising helps to do this, it is very effective.

The main advertising tools to increase recognition:

  • mentions in social networks, on third-party resources;
  • work with bloggers;
  • advertising in Google Ads.

The advantage of advertising on social networks and other sites is that it can be completely free. This method is often used at the beginning of the process. In addition, this way you can attract people to your channel who have not previously been users of YouTube. Take the opportunity to mention yourself on topical open sites, but do not be too obsessive, it is repulsive.

Using Google Ads is to put information about you all over the web or in other users’ videos. Can be presented in several variations:

  • Text ads
  • Image ads
  • Video
  • Responsive
  • Product Shopping
  • Showcase Shopping
  • Call-only
  • App promotion

To find and select bloggers, you can use thematic platforms or simply study active users of your preferred social networks. Over the past few years, there has been a trend of increased demand for opinion leaders of average recognition. They have good engagement and advertising costs several times cheaper than top bloggers.

3. Analyze

Start by looking at YouTube Analytics reports to see how often users come to your channel, and which videos they watch. There you can also find out from which sources users go to your channel and which of them are more effective. Make more videos that are similar to what is popular, so users see them in recommendations.

  • Create a download schedule and stick to it. This way, your audience will know when to expect new videos;
  • Make videos in popular formats, challenges, ratings, contests, or invite famous people for interviews;
  • If you make a series of videos, add a call to each video to see other videos;
  • Combine videos into playlists. Promote them in cards with links and in your end screens;
  • Hold viewers’ attention and motivate them to come back to the channel. If your videos are watched longer, they are more likely to get noticed in user recommendations;
  • Promote your channel with a YouTube advertising campaign.

4. Conduct live streams

Live broadcasts are a great way to interact with your audience, to get closer. This format is suitable for sharing impressions, expressing your opinion about certain events and news, and making contact with the audience.

Remember that you have to prepare for the broadcast:

  • determine the purpose of the broadcast
  • make a plan
  • if necessary, invite a guest

In order to get as many viewers as possible to join the live broadcast, it should be advertised at the very least by telling them about the upcoming broadcast on your channel and on social networks.

If monetization is enabled on your channel, you can add ads to your live broadcasts, and you can also enable Superchat. With it, fans will be able to post paid comments in the chats of your broadcasts. Such messages will be highlighted in color and fixed at the top of the chat for a certain period of time.

Also, you can buy YouTube live stream views to popularize broadcasts.

5. Give the viewer an incentive to watch until the end

The human being is a curious creature, especially when watching the video promises some kind of material benefit. One common incentive is to look for “Easter eggs” in the video for further participation in the raffle of something nice.

In this case, the first part of the script makes you watch the video carefully without rewinding, and the second part makes you watch it to the end. Similar scenarios can be applied, for example, with special promotions for viewers.

However, incentives can also be intangible, you can use for this purpose news, secrets and secrets that you promise to share at the end of the video. The main element of this script is intrigue, and if you manage to keep it to the end of the video without letting the audience’s curiosity die down, it can significantly help your channel and video analytics. You should not deceive your viewers: if you promised something interesting at the end, do not forget to keep the promise.

To increase audience retention, you can also buy YouTube views with a high retention rate.

To promote a YouTube channel, it is necessary to use a complex of methods, to use different tools, and to monitor their effectiveness via analytics. Regardless of who leads the channel: a single amateur or a whole team of professionals, it is important to focus on both the means of promotion and the quality of content.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.