Wish To Expand Your Restaurant’s Seating Capacity? Ideas That Will Help You Achieve That


With the ongoing Covid pandemic, restaurants were shut down to avoid public gatherings, but with people trying to get back to their normal routine, restaurants are welcoming guests with open arms too. However, there have been some new restrictions regarding the seating arrangements, and restaurant owners are facing the brunt of it. Keeping in mind safety and wellness, restaurants are now looking for ideas that would help them expand their seating area to accommodate more guests yet leave enough space between two tables, maintaining social distancing norms.

If you have enough outdoor space that you could utilize, take your time and design a patio that would appeal to customers. The requirements for different restaurants are different, and the restaurant chairs and other furniture you use outside should be durable, and the ambiance should be perfect too. Here are some ideas or tips that would help you expand your restaurant’s seating capacity in an ideal way.

First And Foremost, Make Sure The Location Is Perfect

You might not know, but the way you place your restaurant’s furniture plays a crucial role in its success, just like accessibility and visibility would. The correct placement of decor items and furniture can do wonders for your restaurant. Having a patio seating arrangement helps in attracting more customers and increasing your brand image too.

With a patio design, it would be good marketing for your restaurant. Having a well-designed patio enables you to create a carefree as well as a versatile space. Whether you have a huge patio space or a small one, ensure there is enough space between guests so that one can move comfortably.

Try Optimizing The Overall Seating Arrangement

When it comes to designing a restaurant, you might have a different vision, but your customers might be looking out for something different; therefore, the conflict is a persisting one. This is why you need to reach the middle ground by going for designs and patio furniture that would allow you to optimize the area as well as provide your customers with a relaxed and spacious seating arrangement. Your restaurant patio seating arrangement should be such that it does not create any difficulty for your staff’s movement and helps in completing all tasks comfortably.

Think About Weather And Protection

Just having a well-designed patio with durable furniture is not enough. You need to think about protecting the area from weather and other external factors too, as it would always remain exposed. When designing patio seating for your restaurant, make sure there is ample protection for your guests and staff too. The most popular options you could go for are awnings as well as umbrellas as they protect it from the rain, snow, wind, and the glares of the sun.

And if your patio is like a balcony with a permanent roof overhead, then that is a bonus point as it allows your guests to dine there whenever they want, no matter the weather. Butterfly awnings are great temporary options that you could use in versatile ways. Go for restaurant tables with umbrella holes but make sure they match the theme and design of your restaurant.

Invest In Quality Patio Furniture

This is another crucial factor you should be well aware of. Many restaurant owners might get tempted and start using indoor furniture, and while you might save up initially, in the long run, repairing them and then investing in new furniture every few years would cost you more. Indoor furniture is not suitable for the outdoors and is not durable enough. Indoor furniture lacks the protective layering that outdoor furniture comes with and cannot bear the harsh extremities.

Invest in outdoor or commercial furniture that is meant for outdoor use from reliable manufacturers and dealers. Getting bulk furniture from one vendor, you might even get some huge discounts. Outdoor furniture is easy to maintain, water-proof, and above all, lasts long.

Pay Attention To The Lighting

Unless your restaurant is only open during the daytime, paying attention to signage as well as the lighting is crucial. They play a huge role in setting the mood and making your customers relax, and building your brand image. Sufficient lighting is essential; that is, if you do not want to set a candlelight theme. Having sufficient light provides extra protection to your guests as well as the staff because there are chances of accidents happening like tripping, etc.

Go for string lights or torches, LED lights or lanterns depending on what your budget is. Also, there are professional services that would help you set the right signage and mood using different lights.

Having a well-designed patio with all the comforts and modern amenities is crucial to impart an unforgettable dining experience to your guests. Be thoughtful about the designs, the lights, the food, and the furniture to satisfy your customers and retain them, and attract new customers as well.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.