When Style Meets Health: Top Health And Fashion Restaurants


Healthy eating doesn’t mean you can’t dine out in style! The restaurants below demonstrate that it’s possible to be good to your body while chowing down in some magnificently fashionable surroundings.

Ardiciocca, London

Picking up on the gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free diet trends, this ultra-contemporary looking restaurant offers Italian eating that doesn’t require you to eat only lettuce and plain rice for seven days after your visit to average out your weekly calorific intake satisfactorily…

Ingredients are sourced from local artisan suppliers, and even the beer is sans gluten. The food is (somewhat surprisingly) delicious, with the menu featuring dishes such as Sardinian gnocchi, arancini balls, and thin-based pizzas made using cheese substitutes.

Best of all, this focus on health does not undermine the style credentials of this establishment. Simple, marble-effect square tables are partnered with vintage-look restaurant chairs, and the incorporation of cushion-backed bench seating and rustic style window counter and bar stools add to the fashionable feel of the Ardiciocca dining space.

The Butcher’s Daughter, Los Angeles

This restaurant and bar aims to offer accessible plant-based eating and is stunning in terms of design and decor, too. Whitewashed brick walls, rattan chairs, and cushioned booth seating add to an airy and light aesthetic that makes for a dining experience that’s as good to the eyes as it is to the waistline.

The ethos of this restaurant, reflected in its name, is to treat and prepare vegetables with the same level of care that would be afforded to prime cuts of meat. The menu is entirely vegetarian, with many vegan and gluten-free dishes on offer, too. This establishment operates an on-site juice bar, also, as well as an online delivery or collection service.

Raw Bar, Melbourne

The health credentials of sushi merge with fashionably minimalist splendor in this North Bondi restaurant. The Raw Bar is an iconic eatery that aims to provide an authentic Japanese dining experience. Freshness is the driving element here, and the menu features such offerings as salmon sashimi, flying fish roe, and tuna and kingfish sushi. A range of signature rolls, tempura, and udon is also available.

Eating healthily has never looked so good!

Pantry, Berlin

On-trend in terms of both style and menu, Pantry offers diners a ‘clean’ eating experience that perfectly reflects the zeitgeist of the moment. Sumptuously deep brown leather sofas, high windows, and chunky wooden tables make for a beautiful dining area; guests can choose to eat outside, too: brightly painted deck chairs and bench-style seating make for a sweetly stylish alfresco vibe.

Pantry’s ethos is all about the use of regional ingredients and healthy eating with an international flair, which makes for some wonderfully unexpected flavor combinations, such as those evident in the Beef Tataki and signature Red Curry.

Ojo de Agua, Mexico City

A visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a stylish proposition at Ojo de Agua, with its laid-back beach atmosphere and fresh fruit-covered walls. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, and super healthy breakfast choices include gluten-free avocado toast and popular acacia bowls. 

The ethos of this restaurant is to provide guests with nourishing, natural foods to benefit the body and mind, and the menu and the whole vibe of the space reflect this concern.

Nordvegan, Oslo

Norway is one of the world capitals when it comes to healthy eating: the national dietary focus on oily fish, berries, yogurt, and dark bread is thought to be largely responsible for the overall excellent health of the population. Nordvegan offers entirely plant-based dishes, and its ethos is one of sustainability and environmental awareness. There is no set menu here: meals change daily to reflect the availability of locally sourced produce, and all dishes can be eaten in the restaurant or taken home. Even the desserts are healthy at this establishment, with raw cakes a regular feature as well as a range of Patisserie delights.

The decor and vibe of Nordvegan are just as contemporary as its (lack-of) menu. Light and dark wood is a feature of both furniture and interior wall design, and sleek chairs make for a spare yet warm feel. The large, intricate centrally-positioned chandelier adds glamour and whimsy to this most on-trend of on-trend eateries.

Sazon Arte, Madrid

Rated on Tripadvisor as one of the best restaurants in Spain, Sazon Arte offers diners a beautiful, romantic, and intimate venue. A welcoming and friendly atmosphere is a key to the success of this establishment, in no small part helped along by the food, which is a mix of classic tapas and healthy, wholesome main meals, such as grilled octopus and steak tartare, as well as the superior level of service and attention given to diners by the staff. The selection of wines is awe-inspiring, too, and servers can advise on the choices that pair best with your chosen dish.

The dining area is small, seating only five parties downstairs, but the exposed brickwork, high tables and chairs, and friendly ambiance make Sazon Arte a stylish yet relaxed venue to savor a meal slowly. Due to the limited number of tables, booking here is highly recommended.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.