How to Get the Best Out of Casino Bonuses


In the past few decades, it is clear that the popularity of casino gaming has soared. With statistics showing that 20% of the total world’s population has casino gamed, casinos are always on the look out for employing new strategies to acquire custom.

Indeed, as technology has improved in recent years, online casinos have been able to employ new methods of attracting and retaining customers in ways that physical casinos cannot. Casino bonuses are used as a marketing tool by Megaways online casino to lure in potential customers into playing the games.

In this context, there are around five varying types of casino bonuses. Firstly, many online casinos offer the no deposit bonus which allows players to receive a bonus without making a deposit. Secondly, players can also take advantage of the match bonus which means that players get an extra percentage as well as their first deposit.

There is also the opportunity for the reload bonus which is essentially the same as the match bonus but it is for existing customers. Typically, this percentage is lower than the welcome bonus.

Players can also be in the running for the loyalty bonus which takes into account your play and rewards you such things as free spins or free play as a result. Lastly, customers can also avail of cash-back which means that they can get a set percentage of their losses or deposits back into their bank account.

The employment of bonuses for online casinos is not limited to a few casino operators. It has become a widespread and popular method for many casinos as every UK licensed online casino gives away bonuses. This trend of online bonuses has actually turned out to be mutually beneficial for the casino operator as well as the player.

In fact, there are a number of ways that people can get the best out of casino bonuses. There are a few rules that you should consider in order to maximise your bonus winnings. Firstly, it is important to read the terms and conditions of every online casino that you visit. Many players make the mistake of assuming that every online casino has identical terms and conditions but this is often not the case.

In doing so, you will be able to familiarise yourself with what to expect and what the rules are in regard to this online casinos bonuses. This is an essential step in avoiding the possibility of an online casino attempting to trick you.

Normally you will be able to find the terms and conditions in the terms and conditions section but it may also be in the FAQ. If you cannot find them on this page of the online casino, you can reach out for help using the chat feature where someone will usually be able to assist you.

Moreover, all casinos have employed a condition that bonus money will be required to be wagered a set number of times before you can claim it as real money. Again, this set number varies depending on the online casino but it is best to pick one that has a wagering requirement of around 30x or 40x as opposed to anything over 100x the bonus amount as it will be difficult for you to claim the money.

It is also advisable for players to check the bonus percentage and the maximum amount of bonus. The majority of casinos issue a 100% bonus on the first deposit. However, some casinos can offer up to 150% or even 200%. It is wise to weigh up the maximum bonus in each casino as it can vary from £50 or £150 to even an unlimited bonus.

When using bonuses in online casinos, it is vital to refrain from taking advantage of the bonuses as it could result in the casino operator issuing consequences. Usually, online casinos have rules in place that protect their company from being the target of this.

This means that players cannot go above the maximum stake when using bonus money. If this occurs, the player may lose all of their earnings as well as their bonus money. Rules like these ensure that the game is fair for both the casino operator and the player.

It is another good idea when opting to play online slots, that you choose to play low to medium variance slots. These types of slots mean that there is a higher chance of obtaining money from the game as it has a higher return to player percentage. For example, a popular low variance slot is Starburst which is a modern variation of the classic slots game and is adapted for the mobile device.

Finally, it is important to be aware that you are not obligated to play with a bonus and that if you are not comfortable with using it, you can reject the offer. However, it is unlikely that players would choose to decline a bonus as it gives them a chance to win even more money as well as elongating the game. This is perfect for those players who want more time to enjoy themselves in the game without exceeding their own budget.

Unlike with brick and mortar casinos, there is nothing preventing players from transferring their money between online casinos. This means that they can have even more use from the casino bonuses that they offer.

In conclusion, one of the most popular reasons that people are opting to game with online casinos is because of the bonus offers that they provide for their players. There are a myriad of bonuses that new and existing customers can avail of from the no deposit bonus to the loyalty bonus.

It is wise that players who do not know much information about the types and rules of the bonuses carry out research prior to using them. This will aid the player in making sure they are making the right decisions to lead to a big win as opposed to losing their money and not being able to cash it out.

Written by Megan Taylor
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