How To Wear Safety Goggles Over Glasses: 3 Helpful Tips


If you wear corrective lenses, it is hard to imagine the impact that wearing glasses will have on your life. Although getting your vision corrected is necessary and life-changing for the better, it also changes the way you approach safety at work and play. A long bike ride can strain your eyes that are desperately trying to see things clearly after you’ve stuffed your corrective eyeglasses dehind a pair of protective, wind-resistant goggles. When you need to tackle a small home improvement project, wearing safety goggles over your glasses can be a hassle.

Pretty soon, you might come to resent your corrective lenses, even though you know you need them to see clearly (and you love the style they add to your look). Even worse, you could ditch protective eye gear all together and risk serious injuries. It’s worth noting that goggles that fit over glasses aren’t the only protective eyewear option for people who wear corrective lenses. Here are a few helpful tips on how to wear safety goggles over glasses:

Try before you buy

Have you ever inadvertently put on two pairs of pants or tried to get dressed while you’re still soaking wet? Both actions will give you the same awkward, uncomfortable result that immediately registers “this is wrong” with your brain. Wearing safety goggles over your prescription frames feels the same way. Even though attempts have been made to make over-the-frame goggles more comfortable, they still feel awkward, tight, and completely uncomfortable. This is why it’s wise to try on multiple pairs of goggles to ensure that you’re investing in a pair that fits your face and will help protect you from the dangers you face in your profession.

Even the fanciest goggles will collect dust on a shelf if they don’t fit properly. Ill-fitting goggles are another reason why many people simply choose to risk their eye health and forgo protective eyewear. Unlike just being uncomfortable, ill-fitting goggles are probably the wrong size and shape for the wearer. If you pick up a pair of safety goggles at the hardware store, they’re usually one-size-fits-all. “All” isn’t a great measure as everyone is different and these cheap glasses slip and slide around and hang down past the bridge of the nose, not providing any protection. If you don’t try the glasses on before purchasing them, you’ll run the risk of getting an ill fitted pair that can fail to protect you. 

Make the most of your vision with anti-fog lenses

Wearing prescription lenses means you’re already familiar with foggy lenses. Unless your glasses are treated with anti-fog coating, you get a nice, steamy reminder of it every time you leave your home or workplace. Safety goggles add an additional layer of foggable, vision-restricting material between you and the outside world. Some safety goggles may have an anti-fog coating, but if your prescription glasses don’t have it, it will hardly matter. 

Do yourself a favor and make a personal promise to never buy eyewear that isn’t treated with anti-fog coating. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and keep your eyes safer by ensuring you never have to take them off to wipe them down ever again. Safety glasses should always be coated with anti-fog chemicals to make sure there’s never a need to remove them during an activity that requires them. 

Consider safety goggles with prescription lenses

What separates a superior pair of safety glasses from anything you’ll find at the home improvement store is the ability to wear safety goggles that include your unique eyeglass prescription in the lenses. Prescription availability in a pair of safety glasses means you’ll never have to wear double glasses again. Say goodbye to stuffing your corrective lenses under goggles. Gone are the days of uncomfortable fittings. And you’ll never have to deal with double lenses ever again.

You may think a pair of high-quality prescription safety goggles are expensive, but fortunately, they’re completely affordable. Your doctor can write you a prescription for corrective lenses that a safety goggle manufacturer can then use to craft you a pair of custom glasses. Prescription safety goggles are the perfect solution for people who wear eyeglasses but need protective eyewear.

A custom, prescription pair of safety glasses that are ANSI-certified and crafted with care is an investment that will transform the way you take care of your eyes. But wait! There’s still more good news: you can get all these great safety glasses options in a pair of frames that are stylish, sleek, and sophisticated that match your work gear, but look good enough to wear with your casual at-home outfits as well.

Prescription safety goggles give you the freedom to wear only one pair of glasses, remain comfortable, get a perfect fit, and wear the same glasses all day. You’ll never have to switch back and forth between different pairs of glasses throughout your day. This option exists to provide uncompromised protection with remarkable style.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.