Top 20 Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples


Indian weddings are celebrated with celebration and bring lots of enthusiasm and excitement. Many people spend lots of money on wedding ceremonies, themes, decorations, and even costumes. Around 10 million weddings occur each year. For North India, the wedding season begins in September and lasts until February. However, in South India, the wedding is held throughout the year. Giving gifts creates bonds that bind you to your family members. This is the ideal time to give your loved ones a gift, which is getting married!

The wedding season will be different this year due to weddings held in a socially distant setting and a smaller quantity of guests. Even the wedding ceremonies have changed, but there is still the requirement to present and receive a present. Wedding gift ideas must be as unique as possible. You could use your spare free time to think of the perfect present for your beloved couple and help them live a more pleasant life. From decor for the home to travel accessories, some trendy and unique gift ideas are specially designed for you.

1- Flight Tickets To A Dream Destination

A great present would be ticketed for a flight to a destination couples have never been to before.


2- Gadgets

Electronic devices such as a Fire Stick, mobile phones, smart TVs, tablets are great presents and are perfect for wedding gift ideas!

3- Jewelry

It is possible to give the bride simple silver or gold jewelry that she can wear all through the year. Jewelry such as silver chains, white diamond rings, tanzanite jewelry is widely regarded as the most desirable gift items.

4- Bathrobe

The matching bathrobes and the plush ones can be a great gift a couple can wear for bathing time and then take a nap in their robes. A high-quality robe is made of fine Turkish cotton and may have an intricate weave on the outside and a comfortable interior terry lining. Perfect for relaxing Sunday afternoon!

5- Perfume

Spend some time and work out which perfume the bride would prefer. You can then shop around and purchase the same perfume for her. Therefore, every time she wears the perfume you gave to her, she’ll be able to remember you.


6- Scented Candles

Scented candles can revitalize the whole room and create a soothing atmosphere. The subtle scents can have an effect of rejuvenation on the infertile couple. They are the perfect wedding gift ideas!

7- Bags

It is possible to gift a stylish strap bag to ensure your newlyweds can travel with style for their honeymoon or weekends away. The personalized design with hand-painted letters or foils can add a personal touch.

8- Pajama Sets

These are fantastic gifts for couples who are part of your close family members or acquaintances. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for relaxing in.

9- Beauty Products

Creams and cosmetics can help make the skin of your loved ones glowing and smooth.


10- Wooden Bar Cart

A wooden bar cart with an antique brass finish could be expensive; however, it’s an original wedding present and will make an impression on the couple.

11- A Chic Throw

It’s a chic accent to any room, and your loved ones will be awed to snuggle inside it! You can have it made custom by a weaver. You can also give it a personal touch, like your initials or famous quotes.

12- Gift Plants

Plants play a vital role in making our environment pleasant and relaxing and bringing balance. They also clean the indoor air and eliminate any harmful substances. This makes it a perfect gift for the couple who love nature.

13- Food Hampers

This unusual gift idea is perfect for a food-loving couple who enjoys authentic food. It is possible to pack a gift set of homemade goodies like homemade cookies, luxurious caviar, imported chocolates, and much more. It is also possible to include a chic serving set to enhance your wedding gift ideas.

14- Board Games

Board games are an excellent method of fostering compatibility between couples. They are helpful by three methods:

  1. Engaging in any competitive game increases the flow of adrenaline and helps newlywed bond couples.
  2. A person who is a partner can comprehend the thoughts of the other and thus create a better understanding between them.
  3. It’s a fun activity and can increase family time.

15- A Classic Novel

It is possible to surprise your newlyweds by gifting them special leather-bound hardcover editions of your favorite book that they will each enjoy. It’s a stylish gift that can take its place on shelves of books in the study area or at the table for the dining room. Couples can enjoy an intimate, romantic time sitting on a sofa and reading. To make it personal, it is possible to write your name and the couple’s name on the inside of the cover together with the date of their wedding.

16- A Daily Journal

A journal that is kept daily can be a great way to build a bond between the two. You can make a schedule of things they could perform with each other. Additionally, you could give them personalized stationery with monograms incorporated. A stationary stand can be the perfect icing for your Wedding Gift Ideas!

17- A Suitcase-For Those Long Trips!

It’s a unique wedding present couples can take advantage of when visiting new places to vacation. The unique gift can be equipped with a charger for phones as an additional.

18- Pre-Paid Wedding Cards

It’s one of the most sought-after present ideas of the moment that has completely replaced the time-honored tradition of giving bags of stuffed envelopes to bridesmaids. At the beginning of their wedding journey, each couple requires financial assistance, and they can purchase any necessary things to furnish their homes. Most banks offer this facility, and it is possible to make payments using credit or debit cards. This is a straightforward but effective way to gift and will delight the recipient as they can purchase anything they want.

19- A Romantic Getaway

It’s a present that couples who are newlyweds will love! A luxurious getaway in a historic hotel or a forest lodge can let the couple know that you truly care for the couple. It could be an idyllic beach resort on the edge of the desert in which the couple can enjoy a relaxing time together. The idea is to offer the couple a chance to spend time together, relaxing and lying around.

20- Air Purifier

The saying goes, ‘Love is everywhere. It’s in the air! However, with all the pollution, Where’s the Love? No jokes, Air Purifier is an essential device for urban dwellers, and everybody would be thrilled to receive one. A portable air purifier can fill any space in your home. They can also include aromatic oil to make a relaxing and romantic ambiance.

In the end!

Apart from special physical gifts, we suggest giving experiences or placing money into their honeymoon by donating to Honeyfund. This will allow you to include a memorable event in your honeymoon, like paddleboard lessons as well as a city tour or a massage for two. “Just make sure it’s something they do together,”

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.