Why did cute pajamas by Sleeper become so popular?


In the fashion world, very unusual solutions appear and they are often what we have always had under our noses and just someone brought the idea to mind, turning it into wonderful sets, in which you can simultaneously feel yourself like at home and be at the same time at work. Indeed, in this case, it will be possible:

  • Feel comfortable even in uncomfortable situations;
  • Such clothes will not harm your skin and body;
  • With women’s pajamas set, you will become the brightest and most famous person not only at your place of work but also among the people passing by.

Today we want to tell and show you one of these fashion trends, which was created by the famous Ukrainian company Sleeper, which has been showing its refined taste and stylish design solutions in the fashion market for more than seven years.

The main specialization of the Sleeper company is soft and comfortable clothes to wear at home when you need to relax a bit, but which are so mesmerizing and stylish that if you want, you can easily go out in them and go anywhere, because no one would even think that these clothes were originally used for other purposes. Cute pajamas by Sleeper are designed as multifunctional clothes and you want to be seen by as many people as possible in these pajamas after purchase.

Company fundamentals

The Sleeper label appeared in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv more than 7 years ago. It was created by a duet of two girls who previously worked as editors of fashion magazines, Kate Zubarieva and Aysa Varetsa. Both of them were captivated by the idea that people can buy inexpensive clothes, which, however, will be used by them both at home and at work, and it will also be created from the most natural fabrics so that all buyers can use this women’s pajamas set without any fear.

There is also another goal pursued by the creators of such a profitable and convenient product, namely to bring to life the idea of ​​nightwear, which can also be taken out into the outside world and used daily, despite the situation around and around.

This brand has its own catchphrase, namely “to make any environment look like home” – and they really do it, which is confirmed by the popularity of such pajamas due to their versatility and portable comfort. Those who use them say that when they go to work, they seem to be wearing a part of their beloved home with them, and therefore a smile always reigns on their face, even at the most boring work meeting.

“For us, home comfort is a kind of subculture,” Varetza declares to the whole world of fashion.

“When we first launched our project, this kind of clothing did not exist in principle and we became the founders of this path for the entire fashion market. What can I say, it was almost impossible to find even simple, chic, and comfortable clothes at low prices, and people had to buy clothes from the most expensive brands, which cost them a lot of money. “

The first Sleeper collection was a resounding success, and the company soon moved to a larger office with a growing team and now sells its products worldwide online and in luxury department stores including Harrods and Barney’s.

Think about how comfortable the products, including these pajamas, are provided by the company and how beautiful and interesting images you can put together to please yourself and others and wash off such a sad paint from the gray everyday life. Last chance to buy the-sleeper.com/en/!

Why are these women’s pajamas set on everyone’s lips?

Everyone supported this idea, especially: Pandora Sykes, Emily Ratajkowski, Leandra Medine, Emily Weiss, Veronica Heilbrunner.

They actively exhibited photographs or were shown on the streets in these very sets and tried, like the founders of the label, to show that people should strive for such beautiful simplicity and comfort.

“All these people have undoubtedly supported our difficult endeavor as they wore these best pajamas for work with us. But the most important thing for us is the duty that we have fulfilled especially for people from all over the world, ”says Zubarieva.

This is how the Sleeper label was able to achieve its current popularity and conquer such a large market as the fashion world and this is really worth being proud of. This company creates products that others never dreamed of. Even the simplest pajamas do not look like sleepwear, but rather luxurious attire for a ball or at least a party. Naturally, all this does not mean that pajamas have lost the properties of pajamas due to their beauty and convenience. Not at all, it can still be used for its intended purpose and the pleasant fabric will give you the best dreams.

Even the wedding market was captured by the excitement from the new large collection of Sleeper, and many brides, as well as their bridesmaids, immediately ran to buy special pajama dresses for the best day of their lives and the last day of loneliness, after which the colorful time of family life of the bride and her beloved man will come.

What was the fundamental point for success?

“We did not try to be guided by someone or follow the rules of fashion. We just wanted to do what we ourselves would like, and this is the secret of the popularity of our products, ” Zubarieva says about how their label became so popular all over the world.

In every interview, the founders always praise their employees and state that many “Women of all ages” have worked on the creation of their project. A huge number of women have worked on each one size pajamas Sleeper and they are all satisfied with the result and strive only to improve the result.

What are they planning to do with the label next?

Sleeper has a lot of opportunities open and they can start working on a targeted basis in any of the national markets. But they strive to work for the whole world so that every woman can always use their products and thereby improve the mood for herself and all her loved ones. First of all, they want to establish offices in all the largest cities and countries of the world, as well as continue to develop factory production and the quality of products created.

“We want to create our own academy, which will be a factory, where we will transfer all our knowledge and knowledge of our employees to other people, so that our good goal is not forgotten for years and continues to flourish for the benefit of all women. If we succeed, then we can truly call ourselves happy. “

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.