The Best Fashion Schools in the World in 2020


When it comes to choosing a college or university, you may either make the biggest mistake of your life or instead give yourself a chance to embrace your professional skills. Fashion schools are not an exception! Even though you may assume that everything depends solely on your talent, you shouldn’t underestimate such trivial things as your curriculum and professors. Let’s see the list of leading fashion schools to provide you all the valuable insights of the fashion industry.

Consider the following criteria before applying:

  • Program: depending on the degree you’re applying for, you may spend 1-4 years studying at fashion school. Make a meticulous check of the program to see whether you need all the classes and activities offered.
  • Professors: when you get to the fashion school, you want your professors to be involved in the industry as much as possible. Can they share their professional experience apart from the academic one?
  • Application process: when you’re aimed at getting a degree in a creative field, you should obviously demonstrate your talent in some way. Make sure academic exams and standard interviews are not the only components of your application process. Doing the grammar check of your CV is easier than drawing a sketch; yet, are you really there to acquire academic writing?
  • Uni partnerships: the more brands you see related to the university, the higher is your chance to work with the genuine fashion gurus.
  • Internships opportunities: after completing a program, you can join one of the uni partners to gain on-hands experience after all things learned. 
  • Alumni: do they work in this field? Did their college experience contribute to their success? Find them and ask a few questions to check whether the school meets your expectations.

Drexel University

Location: Philadelphia, PA

All the fashion-related programs at Drexel attract dozens of graduate students due to the multiple directions for their professional development. For instance, you may not only obtain a degree in design but also in fashion management and science. Due to the state-of-the-art equipment, Drexel became home for a set of fabric labs (Shima Seiki Haute Tech Lab), which is an excellent opportunity for the students to gain hands-on experience in 3D computerized knitting.

Drexel is also known for the generous scholarships it presents to its international students – 40% of their alumni come from abroad. Most of the groups studying don’t go over 7 people allowing every single student to clearly communicate their work with the mentor despite class duration. Finally, Drexel hosts global fashion conferences on the topic of style & culture; many outstanding designers, fashion managers, and bloggers annually visit Philadelphia to share their ideas and vision with the ambitious beginners.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Location: Savannah, GA

At SCAD Gulfstream Centre for Design, you’ll find 75 minors and certificate programs to match your talents and interests. Some of their buildings are located overseas (want to visit Hong Kong for a class?) Out of the list of the US fashion schools, SCAD offers the widest variety of technical equipment for completing the program you choose. Can you fancy working with a five-axis computer numeric control router? Or maybe a three-axis CNC milling machine will be enough? Not nearly all the companies may allow buying such cutting edge devices for their employees!

Also, if you are looking forward to making some useful connections, you have to consider moving to Savannah. These guys have been working hard on the endless list of their partners. Now, you’re able to apply for an internship or even a job of your dream, having some wonderful credits from your uni! Some of the companies send their representatives for working as part-time mentors. Want to meet anyone from Christian Siriano or Zac Posen and ask their opinion about your sketches? Apply now!

Fashion Institute of Technology

Location: New York, NY

Fashion Institute of Technology comes as one of the most legendary American schools. It’s located right in the heart of the city – the 7th Avenue gained its second name (Fashion Avenue) thanks to FIT. As you can imagine, the school is connected with dozens of modern designers for the sake of mentorship and internship: Calvin Klein, Michael Kors (both graduated from FIT), Tommy Hilfiger, and Donna Karan are just the tip of the iceberg.

Having a chance to enrich network will lead you directly to the top of the fashion industry: quite a high percentage of alumni perform as the business advisors, presidents, and CEOs all around the world. Another outstanding advance is an annual fashion show, which is run by the students from all 48 faculties. Ready to rock on the catwalk?

Among all the other majors, fashion looks like the most creative one. However, this industry is in demand for qualified specialists to represent all of its aspects, not design only. You can make a step towards your dream by sending your portfolio to one of the schools above! None of the articles will fully describe all the behind-the-scenes pitfalls that may occur on your way. Make sure you get familiar with the school websites and find some experienced alumni to make you fully immersed!


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