5 Care Tips Every Designer Bag Owner Must Know


Whether you are a designer bag collector or you’ve just saved to buy your first ever “it bag,” taking care of your designer bag is essential, knowing that they don’t come cheap.

Designer handbags are an investment, and taking care of them ensures they last longer and can maintain their resell value. Here are some simple care tips you can use to ensure your luxury bag stands the test of time.

1.   Always store your designer bag in a dust bag.

Most designer bags come with a dust bag that you can use to store the bag. If you either misplaced the dust bag or don’t have one, you can use a clean cotton pillowcase that will let your bag breathe easily and avoid the buildup of moisture that may destroy your bag.

Ensure that the pillowcase is white or cream to prevent any color transfer. Never use a plastic bag because it won’t allow the bag to breathe, and you will ruin your bag.

2.   Ensure your bag is always clean.

Be careful with your precious bag the same way you would anything of value. When carrying anything in the bag, be wary of the contents. What kind of damage, if any, could a spill of sanitizer, water, or lotion cause? Check if your makeup, pens, or lipstick can smear the fabric. Also, check the snacks you carry.

For anything that may spill or stain the interior of your bag, you can invest in bag inserts that protect the interior or find zip-top bags or pouches to store your stuff.

Don’t set your bag on the floor when you visit a restaurant or office, and always check if the tabletops are clean. Once you are home, ensure that you empty all the bag contents and clean both the interior and exterior of the bag. Its best at the time of purchase to inquire about the best cleaners to use for the type of material your designer bag has.

3.   Maintain the shape of the bag

A squashed, scrunched, shaggy, or out-of-shape bag is not a good sight at all. Using a filler for your bag during storage can help maintain your bag’s original shape. Use a bubble wrap, non-perfumed white tissue paper, or a bag insert.

For bags with straps, make sure to tuck in the strap to avoid the risk of imprints on the leather. Also, layering the straps with tissue paper would help.

4.     Keep your bag away from direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight can damage the fabric of your bags and fade the color of any of your leather handbags. Ensure that you store your bags in a dry airy place with minimal moisture and no direct sunlight.

5.   Don’t forget the hardware.

Take care of your metalware, zippers, and jewelry. Avoid scratching them on rough surfaces as this may destroy them; if you need any repairs done on your handbags like broken zippers or tears, it’s best to seek the help of a professional.

For more tips on how to care of your designer bag, check out https://bagover.com/how-to-clean-louis-vuitton-bag/.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.