10 Basic Fashion Items For Men To Create A Casual-chic Style

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How do men dress in a casual-chic style? Casual chic clothing combines casual and business attire, as well as formal and informal clothing. It is not necessary to purchase pricey products because it can be achieved with just a few basic fashion items for men. Continue reading to learn what these items are.

1.  What is a casual-chic style?

The smart casual, also known as casual-chic, allows you to genuinely reflect on yourself, who you are, and what you wish to achieve. Weddings, get-together parties, anniversaries, and other formal occasions all call for smart casual attire. However, a smart-casual ensemble should not be reserved for exceptional events. You can adopt this style in daily outfits for school and the office.

In addition, short-term trends have less of an impact on the casual-chic look. Thus, it focuses on wardrobe essentials for men. Here are some classic pieces to mix and match for a smart casual appearance.

2.  Basic fashion items for men

Well-tailored suit

It goes without saying how crucial a well-tailored suit is in every man’s wardrobe. It gives you a more mature appearance and adds refinement to your ensemble. If you’ve never bought a suit before, stick to dark-colored options like navy, black, grey, or brown. Make sure the suit is the right size and shape for your body.

To look more creative, wear a suit with a shirt in a bright color. In this case, colorful Hawaiian shirts can be used as undershirts to offer a flash of color and multiple patterns for those who want to make a bold statement. There are a variety of artistic designs to pick from, including tropical and hobby-themed shirts.

White button-down shirt

The most basic hue for a man’s attire is white. A well-fitted long-sleeve white shirt is an excellent investment. It’s quite adaptable and simple to wear for a variety of occasions. To create a casual-chic look, wear it with a pair of jeans and a good belt. When you roll up the sleeves or untuck the shirt hem, this outfit still looks great.

To dress up for crucial events, layer this attire with a blazer and a striking tie. As you may be aware, it is preferable to slightly overdress rather than underdress when it comes to smart-casual style.


You can’t miss this timeless fashion clothing for menswear. It’s convenient to pair with a variety of clothing to elevate your appearance. You should start by purchasing a dark blazer, which can be worn for semi-formal occasions during the day and to club or bar parties at night.

Pay close attention to the fabric and style of your blazer to ensure a good fit and a high-quality look. It must also have enough room to layer easily in the fall-winter season.

Trend coat

The trend coat is exactly what you need to maintain your casual-chic look. What is the greatest way to find the best men’s trend coat for you? Whatever style you choose, whether double or single-breasted, buckled or unbuckled, bear in mind three key features of a good trend coat: comfort, refinement, and effortlessness.

Go for beige, black, or navy to pull everything in your outfit together. Trend coats are ideal for cool and chilly weather conditions. Wear a hoodie or sweater underneath for a more relaxed look. To complement professional and masculine outfits, pair them with a magnificent scarf.

Dark-colored jeans

Dark jeans are another basic men’s fashion piece that can be dressed up or down. You will never go wrong with dark jeans when paired with pattern sweaters or shirts. Pick a random shirt and slip it into dark pants, then complete with a leather belt for work attire. Letting your shirt hang loosely is also acceptable if you’re going to a gathering.

Dark-colored jeans have a number of footwear options. Sportswear, such as sneakers or leather shoes, chukka boots, and lace boots, can be worn depending on your preferences.


Similar to dark jeans, chinos are comfortable and stylish bottom wear that upgrade your overall look. They symbolize a smart casual style that is ideal for occasions that require a dress code that falls in between casual and business attire.

Invest in classic colors like navy, beige and brown to take advantage of all top wear in your closet.

Leather shoes

In terms of smart casual attire, the shoes you choose will make a major difference in how your outfit comes together. A pair of leather shoes add a dazzling element to your smart-casual ensembles. They go nicely with suits as well as other casual outfits.

When buying leather shoes, there are a few factors to take into account. Shoes that are brown are more practical than those that are black. They draw extra attention to you and spice up your attire. Instead of square leather shoes, opt for rounded toes shoes. They lack elegance and are unsuitable for a smart-casual style.

3.  Wrap up

There are many misconceptions about smart casual clothing for men. Generally, smart casual wear is chic, elegant while stylish, and effortless. It is suitable for ambiguous dress codes for semi-formal events.

The best part is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money to dress in this style. Simply get the basic fashion items for men stated above. You’re all set to put your clothing to work in a casual-chic approach.


Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.