7 ways to Style Gemstones Jewelry Like Celebrities


By Ishita Mitra

Gemstone Jewelry not only enhances your beauty, but also your aura, your personality, and your impression over others. But did you know? Gemstones can also help you to solve a lot of problems in your life, be it lack of concentration and productivity, be it lack of energy, be it bad health, be it a mental strain. Gemstones prove to be of great help when it comes to solving all of these problems.

Celebrities have their own way of wearing things and every celebrity makes sure that they leave an impression with their apparel and jewelry. There are a few secrets to how celebrities dress and wear their jewelry. Celebrities are a bit creative with their clothes, jewelry, and other ornaments and so they look stunning. Similarly, if you follow these methods and techniques you can look as stunning as any celebrity.

In this article, we have brought to you, 7 ways to style gemstones Jewellery like celebrities. These tactics will ensure that you leave a mark on everyone. These techniques apply to all sorts of jewelry, just make sure you read this article till the very end to squeeze every single form of benefit out of these.

Here is a list and detailed explanation of 7 methods that you can apply to your gemstone jewelry to style like celebrities. All these methods are tried and tested and have been recommended by several top stylists of the world.

1. Add big and heavy gemstones jewelry to simple and light clothing

This may seem weird but this has an impact, matching heavy clothes gemstone jewelry with simple clothes can make one look more elegant and stylish. The simplicity of the clothes allows more focus on the jewelry. It is one of the easiest and the most effortless ways to look fantastic and charming just as celebrities do.

2. Stick to a classic piece of Jewellery for all your outfits – make yourself a brand

Many times you will notice that a celebrity sticks to wearing one particular jewelry, no matter what they wear. The famous Bollywood star Salman Khan wears a turquoise bracelet around his wrist which became a huge trend among his fans. Similarly, Amitabh Bachchan wears Sapphire also known as Neelam. It works as their lucky charm. Many people stick to such pieces of jewelry as their favourite celebrity to give an impression of a star. You can too, stick to just one gemstone and wear it every day to make similar impression.

However, you need to ensure that the gemstone jewelry that you have selected suits your personalities and bring you good luck every day.

3. Use delicate but elegant pieces

Celebrities have two types of looks, one is the all heavy glamour look, and the other one is an all sweet, simple, sleek, and elegant look. These elegant looks are great when you are at work. These delicate pieces of gemstone jewelry leave a positive impression among your colleagues and seniors. These looks can also be carried around at markets and restaurants. Delicate pieces of jewelry are best suited with light-colored clothes.

4. Wear Matching colors and matching themes in an outfit

Wear a theme! Matching colors in an outfit is just like joining pieces of a beautiful puzzle. If you are able to solve this puzzle, it is going to turn out beautifully. Celebrities are often seen following a theme for a particular set of outfits, you can also pair specific gemstone jewelry for specific types of outfits, there are many types like modern, ancient, classic, vintage, etc. Make sure you know your type.

5. Create a Vintage look 

Vintage looks create a great impression. In this look your personality appears very sensible, powerful, and attractive. Adding traditional pieces of gemstone jewelry to your look can let that happen and add that extra oomph to your personality. Traditional pieces are a bit difficult to find but don’t you worry! In the latter part of this article, we will also tell you where to buy gemstones online and get your look done.

6. Wear the gemstones that attract you

What you wear is a great determinant of your personality. No one knows you better than yourself. Pick a gemstone that suits your personality, if you are the one with a vibrant vibe, make sure you take some brightly colored gemstone with you, if you are the one with a calmer and composed personality, wear something like a pearl.   Gemstones with light colors and medium glow make for a perfect elegant personality.

7. Add pearls to make your gemstones pop

Adding bright pearls to your gemstone jewelry can make your gemstones pop really well, pearls are bright and make the gemstones look less bright, with this you will be able to add that fancy touch to your look. Gemstones make pearls look less austere. Both gemstones and pearls are an essential part of a perfect jewelry box, and that is for a reason for sure.

While these are all just methods, your beauty and your personality is completely a thing in your hands, you can tweak all of these according to yourself, and craft your own look, finding authentic gems is a difficult task, let us simplify this for you and proceed with some tips on how to buy gemstones online.

How to buy gemstones online?

Buying gemstones online is a big hassle for sure, but some methods can prevent you from getting scammed. While buying gemstones always look for certifications, without certifications, it is not recommended to get gemstones. You should also know that the more transparent is one gemstone, the more expensive it gets. So a more transparent gemstone will never come at a low price. There are websites like GemPundit.com, and many more that sell genuine gems.

The bottom line

You are unique! This is one thing you should always know, methods and techniques don’t define your look, you do. Be confident and make these methods the base of your look planning, tweak these methods according to yourself, and create your own unique look!

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