How To Style Your Eternity Ring


Eternity rings are a symbol of love, often gifted to accompany an engagement ring and wedding band. Styling eternity rings can be difficult because of all of the options available, you can play it safe or do something more suited to your style. 

The three pieces in a wedding set (wedding band, engagement ring, eternity ring) can be stacked together or worn separately depending on the designs of the three rings, your fingers, and your own unique personal style and preferences. 

Custom eternity rings can be created, which is convenient for those with a unique style, or to match an engagement ring with a non-standard band. 

Left Hand

There are various stacking options available for wearing an eternity ring on your ring finger. Depending on the style of your other rings it could fit nicely on your ring or pointer finger as the most traditional options. 

Ring Finger

The most popular option for wearing an eternity ring is on the ring finger, on top of the engagement ring. 

In a traditional three-piece ring stack, the wedding band is on the base followed by the engagement ring in the middle, with the eternity ring placed on top. 

This symbolises the engagement ring being locked in place and secured by the wedding band and eternity ring, a symbol of everlasting commitment and love to one another. 

Under engagement ring 

If the design of your eternity ring looks too cluttered above the engagement ring, why not try wearing it in between the engagement ring and wedding band? This could level out the jewels depending on the engagement ring design, creating a better balance between the three pieces. 

Pointer Finger

To balance your left hand, another option is to wear your eternity ring on your pointer finger. This look creates a unique harmony between the jewels, and really showcases both the individual look of the ring while still being closely paired with the wedding set. 

By being near but not on top of the wedding set, the eternity ring can be shown off in its full glamour.

Right Hand  

If the eternity ring does not pair well with the engagement and wedding rings, another option is to wear it on your right hand. You don’t want your ring finger to be weighed down or look too cluttered, so some designs work best on alternate hands. 

Opposite Ring Finger

The most popular right hand finger to wear an eternity ring on is the opposite ring finger. This symmetrical look creates a unique flair to your accessorization, and adds balance to your jewelry. 

Middle Finger

For something a little different, why not try your eternity ring on your middle finger? This would look especially beautiful if your eternity ring was a more bold design with larger diamonds (or alternative stones). 

If your eternity ring shaping is unique with swirls or a curve bell design, then the middle finger placement could be ideal because you don’t need to worry about it slotting in with your engagement and wedding rings. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.