5 Key Points To Remember When Buying Green Diamond Engagement Rings


Diamonds are already expensive on their own whether it be clear or colored. But if we add the factor of rare colored diamonds into the equation, then one can only expect how the balance would tip the scale and present us with pieces of jewelry that are so luxurious and unique.

Such is the case for green diamonds so if you are looking for the perfect stone to propose with, look no further because a green diamond engagement ring from bespoke jewelers like Astteria might just be the one you need to successfully pop the question.

A Green Diamond Engagement Ring Is Unique

Let’s be honest, when thinking about diamonds, we don’t often think of the green color at the top of our heads. Especially with engagement rings, as it is not exactly the color one would associate with love and romance. But the color green symbolizes other things entirely such as vitality and vigor which are two attributes just as needed for a relationship to grow and prosper.

Thus, green diamond engagement rings are not the path often taken, however, it is the path so unique and treasured that only a few lucky ones know.

A Green Diamond Engagement Ring Is Luxurious

Rarity in diamonds is often linked to exorbitance. Rarity means fancy and lavish and thus- luxurious and it cannot be any more true for green diamonds.

They come second next to red diamonds in terms of uncommonness and this directly translates to how high the demand is for them. Owning one, especially as an engagement ring will just further increase the value- both sentimental and financial of a ring studded with green diamonds. 

A Green Diamond Engagement Ring Is Popular

In case you are not aware, celebrity A-listers like J-Lo possess a green diamond engagement ring. It is a 8.5-carat green diamond center stone, with the side stones being that of white trillion-cut diamonds.

But green diamonds are no stranger to history as there are notable pieces that are so popular and their story having gone way back hundreds of years ago. For example, the Dresden Green Diamond, the largest green diamond ever created, is 40.70 carats and has a pear-shaped cut. It was discovered way back in 1722 and is still being displayed in museums up to this day with the latest being at New York’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Another notable piece which is more recent is the Aurora Green Diamond which is a rectangle-shaped, 5.03 carat, fancy vivid green, VS2 clarity diamond that sold for an astounding $3.3 million per carat. It is the most expensive green diamond ever that was sold in a public auction.

A Green Diamond Ring Is The Rarest Of The Rare

Green diamonds that are naturally colored are incredibly hard to come by. As a result, every green diamond is carefully scrutinized. In fact, natural green diamonds are rarer than natural white diamonds.

The annual turnout of this colored diamond is very few which is why naturally, this impacts the price tag of every genuine green diamond jewelry piece.

A Green Diamond Ring Is An Excellent Investment

The value of a green diamond depends on how intense the color is. The value of a diamond increases with the intensity of its base color. The most expensive green diamonds on the market are those that fall under the fancy vivid categories.

Final Thoughts

Natural green diamond engagement rings are more expensive than others because they are one of the rarest colored diamonds in the world. In actuality, just a handful of genuine investment-grade green diamonds have ever been discovered, making it such an ideal stone to cap a milestone jewelry piece like an engagement ring.

But even with its given rarity, you can expect to find them available for purchase from high-end jewelry brands such as Astteria where you can either buy a ready-made piece or request a custom piece.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.