4 Muses to Inspire Your Fine Jewelry Selection Process

Your fine jewelry can help you express yourself and showcase your favorite designs, be it flowers or hearts. The world can inspire you and help you build out your personal collection of fine jewelry pieces when there’s a way to wear diamonds that resemble the night sky or the initial of a loved one. You can use your life and surroundings as a guide for how you want to adorn yourself with earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces that match your style. 

The best brands should offer a wide range of shapes and designs made with high-quality materials that help you feel inspired and excited about wearing your pieces. It’s time to identify your favorite muses and incorporate them into your fine jewelry layering. 

Fresh Flowers 

Everyone loves fresh flowers or growing an array of them in their garden to bring beauty into their life. You can apply this floral approach to your fine jewelry collection as you layer yourself with this beloved symbol from nature. 

Buy a Bouquet of High-Quality Diamonds

If you want to wear a bouquet of high-quality diamonds, you want to be sure that the diamonds are carefully sourced and perfected. The brand you choose should have a thorough process that ensures each piece meets the highest standards while being responsibly sourced and handcrafted. Be sure that they only use ethically sourced diamonds and precious metals so that you can feel confident in your floral diamond pendant or earrings. 

Seek Out Handcrafted Pieces

You want your floral selection to be expertly designed and come from a company founded by female industry experts who understand the importance of having a piece fit and flatter. They should have a team of master artisans who skillfully handcraft their selection with attention to detail, style, and comfort. 

Enjoy a Floral Diamond Pendant

Consider seeking out a floral diamond pendant necklace that features four smooth petals and a center diamond for you to grow a bouquet of floral jewelry that’s eye-catching and playful. Or, take a reverse approach with a floral outline and micropave-set diamond petals that create a luminous silhouette that’s forever-lasting. Add a pair of drop earrings that feature a sequence of radiant flowers for the diamond garden you’ve always wanted.

The Night Sky 

If you’re a stargazer or someone who just loves the night sky, there are ways to incorporate this adoration into your everyday ring or favorite diamond pendant. 

Light Up Like the Stars

If you want to shine like a starry night, try a bangle that’s speckled with classic round diamonds for a dazzling display. Match Your bangle with a similarly styled necklace or ring with satin-finished plating for a beautiful piece that’s easy to wear all day and for special occasions. Or, try a star-shaped brilliant diamond pendant to help you express yourself while catching the attention of others.

Choose Your Metal Color and Materials 

As you drape yourself in diamond stars, try to find a brand that offers a range of designs along with custom jewelry options. Look for a selection that lets you pick everything from the total carat weight of the diamond to the color and type of metal so you can wear fine jewelry that’s exactly as you envisioned it. Along with ethically sourced diamonds, seek out raw materials and precious metals like 14K and 18K yellow, white, and rose gold. Some brands even offer high-purity platinum that’s 95% or higher. Feel like a fine jewelry artist as you play around with different combinations. 

Find a Direct-to-Consumer Fine Jewelry Brand

A direct-to-consumer experience can simplify your fine jewelry selection process as you layer yourself with pieces that are created with quality in mind while avoiding unnecessary retail or designer markups. A brand that’s transparent about their pricing and processes can help you effectively work around your budget without ever sacrificing style, durability, or comfort. 

Your Heart 

Love is one of the most well-known muses that has always inspired the world to create art, books, and especially fine jewelry. 

Experience the Ultimate Symbol of Love 

If you want to showcase your love for the world, yourself, or others, a heart-shaped diamond pendant can be the perfect way to embody this popular symbol. Try layering varying heart designs outlined with diamonds and pair with other styles like a single diamond on a chain or a stationed design. It doesn’t matter if it’s an anniversary or just a new day; fine jewelry with heart shapes can help you celebrate something that will never go out of style: love.

Give Them the Key to Your Heart

Take this loving concept further with a key-shaped pendant for a more abstract take on the “key to your heart”—or someone else’s. This unique shape can offer a bold design and should come from a brand that follows international labor laws while being RJC certified to ensure you always receive top-quality pieces. 

Commit with an Engagement Ring

Take your heart one step further and commit with a classic round halo engagement ring to show your love in a way that’ll last a lifetime. It’s essential that you find the perfect ring because you deserve to fall in love at first wear, not just at first sight. If you’re not sure about the metal color you want or can’t decide between a classic round or heart-shaped diamond, consider a brand with a program that allows you to try replicas on from the comfort of your home so you and your partner can decide together. 

Their Name

Whether you’re a wordsmith or someone who believes in the power of the written word, there are ways that letters can add depth to your fine jewelry collection. 

Wear an Initial 

If the art of letters inspires you, try wearing a diamond pendant that uses an initial to capture meaning and beauty in one piece. Wear just your initial, or pair it with a loved one’s initial for a gorgeous display that can help you celebrate romance, family, or friendship. Find a brand with clear, 3D online displays that conveniently allow you to inspect their collection from all angles to carefully view the details of each piece from the comfort of your home. 

Add a Meaningful Engraving 

If you want to take your inspired fine jewelry pieces to new heights, consider finding a brand that offers complimentary engravings so you can personalize each piece. Add your name, coordinates to a meaningful place, or even a loving quote to customize an anniversary ring or a diamond pendant inspired by one of your muses.

About Verlas 

Verlas is a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand offering designer-quality diamond jewelry without the designer markups. Founded by industry experts Nidhi S. Dangayach and Nityani Riziya, Verlas offers timeless designs that are always forever-lasting. Their pieces are handcrafted by a team led by female Master Artisans within the Verlas Studios, which are all RJC certified and abide by international labor laws. Verlas’s fine diamond jewelry ranges from classic round halo engagement ring options to small hoop earrings. Each one is designed for perfection using ethically sourced precious metals and conflict-free diamonds that are hand-set for a gorgeous piece every time. Verlas ensures the integrity of their collection by using a thorough inspection process and offer only durable, forever-lasting pieces. Their convenient Try-at-Home program and 3D Every-Angle-View online make it easy to enjoy every detail in the comfort of your home before your purchase. It’s time to start layering yourself with eye-catching bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings from Verlas.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.