Everything about Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions should not be mistaken for a type of false lashes that can be bought and worn by you at home. Eyelash extensions are put on with an adhesive that is kind of semi-permanent. Lash extensions are put on both your natural lashes individually. A professional eyelash stylist or a lash artist does this in the salon. Eyelash extensions are commonly applied to the upper lash line alone, and not to the bottom lashes. There can be exceptions though.

Eyelash extensions are individually applied to the lashes and sometimes in clusters. You could get an entire set, which means they can be put on to all the individual lashes, or you can get a set, where the Lash extensions are put on to the lashes starting from the middle going all up to the corner of the lash line. There is a broad spectrum of options owing to the innovations in the industry; everything has become about customization.

So what should be considered when choosing Eyelash Extensions?

1.The eye shape: almond, upturned, almond, round, upturned, protruding

2.The eye size: big, small, or something in-between

3.Your eyelids: hooded eyelids or mono eyelids

4.The eye orientation: wide-set, deep-set, or close-set

5.The eye color

6.The dispositions of the natural lashes: the volume, length, curl, and color

7.Your inclinations: a more natural look or a dramatic look

8.Any allergies you have

9.Your upkeep tolerance

Deciding an Eyelash Extension Material

Salons keep a few distinct alternatives of eyelash extension material, which can suit your desired look and the budget both. The most popular extensions are synthetic or made of faux mink, silk, and mink. The chosen material depends on different factors. An eyelash lash artist can discuss it with you to customize the eyelash extensions flawlessly for you.

Choosing the curl type and length of the Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are available in various lengths; mostly 9 mm to 15 mm are preferred and liked. The length your stylist and you together choose depends on how thick or fine your eyelashes are. If you are blessed with naturally long and thick eyelashes, longer extensions suit you best. Those who have short and sparse eyelashes can go for rather short eyelash extensions. A lot of people usually arrive somewhere in between unless you want some major drama.

Do you want the “J” Curl or the “C” Curl?

Once you decide on the kind of length, it’s time you choose your curl type. The C curl is for those who like some drama whereas the J curl is more natural. You can most certainly combine both and get some drama towards the outer corners, keeping the middle more natural.

Just the way you would make sure that your nail artist or your hairdresser does a fine job, make sure the lash salon gives you your dream lashes. It’s never fun to get your pedicure smudged, but losing the lashes due to the salon’s failure and negligence? That can put many things out of order. Read reviews, talk to friends and do some homework and it should all fall in place!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.