5 Unusual Gold Chain Designs for Men


Men’s chain necklaces have become highly trendy in recent years. Chain necklaces are fashionable, and are classic and easy to wear.

A gold chain is a versatile piece of jewelry that may be used on a daily basis to complement your outfit.

Gold chains are associated with coolness and style. They manage to traverse the realms of exquisite and carefree style.

Is it appropriate for men to wear gold chains?

The quick answer is that there’s no reason why you should not. For centuries, men have worn gold chains all across the world. 

Wearing a gold chain, which symbolizes wealth, rank, and prestige in many countries, is part of the culture.

And, with the number of men wearing jewelry on the rise these days, you will be right on-trend.

The most common gold chain designs

Diverse varieties of gold chain women and gold chains for men have different shapes and textures, which gives them different case applications. Gold chains have long been the most popular in the huge world of jewelry. There are three basic types of gold chains:

  • Cable, Rollo, Mariner, Corvette, and Figaro are classic chains.
  • Omega, Mariner, Box, Singapore, and Razor are examples of modern chains.
  • Chains of texture design: Popcorn, Byzantine, Rope, Ball, and Spiga or Wheat models make this style.

How to Wear a Gold Chain in a Fashionable Way?

Think about what you want your chain to say about you and what style you prefer as a starting point. It’s remarkable how a single piece of jewelry can convey so much about your personality, so getting it correctly is essential.

There are various styles of gold chain men, not only for women.

  • Most guys strive for a sophisticated, understated appearance, so a traditional gold chain that matches their outfit would be ideal.
  • There are, however, certain eye-catching, outlandish gold chains that command attention and take center stage. 
  • These are frequently on the end of the spectrum, and not everyone is capable of pulling them off.
  • The ideal range is 2-5, but there are no rules, and you can determine the trend.

When it comes to decorating a gold chain for guys, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When choosing a gold chain, it is also crucial to consider your facial shape.

  • Longer chains are usually better suited for round faces.
  • Faces with thinner and pointier chins appear better with V-shaped chains, while short chains or choker-style gold chains seem better.

The color is also important; just because you are going for gold doesn’t mean it has to be yellow gold. Instead of the traditional yellow gold chain, you could be tempted to go with white or rose gold.

What Chain Length Should You Use?

Men’s gold chains come in a wide range of lengths, from 14 or 16 inches to 30 inches. The following is how these various lengths are usually classified:

14 to 18 inches:

  • A “choker” is commonly defined as a length of 14 to 18 inches. Keep in mind that depending on the width of your neck, even 18″ may be too tight.
  •  A choker can be form-fitting or hang loosely around your neck. 

20 to 24 inches:

  • Gold chains for Men are typically 20 to 24 inches in length. 20 inches is a length of fabric that lies between the first and second buttons on a shirt and could be worn inside or out. 
  • The 22 inches and 24 inches lengths run a little further down the chest so that they can be worn both inside and outside of a shirt.

26 to 30 inches:

  • The “bling-bling” category includes 26 to 30 inches and longer lengths.
  •  These chains are designed to be worn on the outside of a shirt and can be worn with or without a large pendant such as a cross. 
  • The purpose of these chains is to draw attention and make a statement.

Gold Chains for Men Styles: 5 Unusual Looks

Gold ball/bead chain:

Interlocking beads make up the ball gold chain, one of the textured necklace chains. The beads can be strung together or separated. 

Like other chains, gold is not particularly strong, but its texture makes it ideal for sporty, and street looks with a variety of pendant colors.

Box Model Chain:

The box gold chain, which is part of a collection of modern necklaces, is constructed of little cubes that are extremely robust and difficult to break.

This gold chain is designed in such a way that if one of its components falls or breaks, it may be replaced without affecting the overall beauty.

Gold cable chains:

The cable chain is the most basic of the classic gold chains, and it may be simply mended if it is damaged. 

This necklace chain has been widely used in jewelry for ages and is the most frequent type. Without a pendant, cable chains are rarely worn.

Franco Chain Model:

The V-shaped links of two-four curb necklaces are intertwined in this Italian design. Franco chains look excellent on their own because they’re such a bold design.

Rope Model Chains:

Rope chains are the most popular types of chains for guys, and they may be designed in a variety of ways. 

Rope chains give the appearance of two twisted strands joined together. These chains have little oval links that are linked in a way that gives them a durable but adaptable appearance. 


Finding the greatest men’s gold chains, whether you’re a novice or an expert, boils down to choosing the perfect length, width, and chain style. You can now buy your preferred gold chain by grabbing amazing dil ki deals. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.