How to Improve Your Tattooing Skills


Ever heard of Bang Bang? This famous tattoo artist shows how the skill is both valuable and popular. And there’s no reason you can’t be as skilled as him! These days, more people are interested in getting inked. And the number of tattoo artists is also increasing. Building a career in tattooing is like following your passion while making a good amount of money. 

And if you’re already a tattooist, we don’t need to tell you how rewarding your profession is. But what if you could scale up your skills? Wouldn’t that attract more customers and help you make more revenue? It will! And here’s how you can improve your tattooing skills by miles. 

  • Try Outlining

Before you begin your design, you need a structure for it. And that’s precisely what an outline is. With an outline, your design becomes more precise and cleaner. Plus, when it comes to delicate designs, an outline prevents you from making mistakes. 

After preparing your stencil, draw a thin and precise outline of the design. Gradually increase the outline’s thickness to achieve your desired shape. However, never begin with a thick line. Of course, there’s no limit to the colors and needles you can use while creating your outline.

  • Practice

As with any art, tattooing needs continuous practice. But you can’t find canvases and papers to practice on. So how do you do it?

Practicing on fake skin is an excellent way to get started. Pigskin, rubber, and silicone all work well. By regularly practicing your tattooing, you can develop better skills and bring perfection to your work. So on those empty days with no customers, spend a few hours honing your craft.

  • Quality Products

Your tattoos will turn out good if you use high-quality products. They’ll also last longer and not fade, reinforcing your customers’ trust in you. Make sure your needles are sterilized and your colored inks are well-pigmented. You can get individual as well as rotary tattoo kits, but make sure their quality is excellent.

These products can seem expensive, but they won’t disappoint you. Also, they will bring perfection to your designs and make them appear all the more attractive.

  • Color Technique and Shading

Any tattoo is incomplete without the right colors and shades. And we hope you don’t want your design to look dull. So start experimenting with a range of shades to figure out what seems best. Of course, your customers aren’t your guinea pigs, so do this experimentation while practicing.  

Keep one pro-tip in mind while shading. Go from light to dark colors to avoid spillovers and mixing. Also, play with the amount of pressure you use to achieve the desired shading effect. 

  • Keep Calm and Be Focused

Being a tattoo artist, you need to work for long hours with full concentration. Plus, you have to be very careful while working. Because one mistake could make your design go awry and your customer extremely unhappy. 

So while you design a tattoo for the customer, focus on their preferences and their expectations. Try to show them the outline of your design as well, just to ensure they’re okay with it. And while you draw, keep calm, and stay focused. Don’t allow distractions like texting or music to get in the way of your art. You should also make your customer relax before you start drawing. Also, hand them a list of aftercare tips before they leave. 

Final Note

You can upgrade your tattooing skills by following these 5 easy tips and achieve exceptional results. As you start practicing them, you will feel a positive difference in your work. Remember, you can have a fashionable studio and market yourself on billboards across the city, but nothing speaks better than your work. So ensure that you deliver the best to your customers. And in turn, they will be the best advocates for your excellence. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.